Way to Factory Reset Hp Laptop Without Password

The factory reset option provides the best plenty of solutions such as having unable to login HP laptop, getting the issue on data, facing software related issue as well as installation issue and many more issue can solve after applying factory reset of HP laptop. So, if you also want to apply factory reset HP laptop without a password, don’t waste your valuable time, let’s start the process.
Way to Factory Reset Hp Laptop Without Password

Step 1: Before starting the factory reset process, just ‘Disconnect’ all the connected cable as well as a device which are connected to the HP laptop.

Step 2: Just ‘Restart’ your HP laptop and at the beginning of the restart process, just tap on the ‘F11’ key.

Step 3: If you have pressed the F11 key so your screen will reach the BIOS setting of the HP laptop and here you need to tap on ‘Select an Option’.

Step 4: Pick the ‘Troubleshoot’ option from the available list.

Step 5: Next, go to the recovery manager and select the ‘System Recovery’ under the help section.

Step 6: Here you need to choose the ‘Factory Reset Hp Laptop Without Password’ option.

Step 7: Then, the recovery manager will inform you to back all the available data then, select the Backup or without Backup option.

Step 8: The whole process will take at least 50 to 60 minutes.

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