Wanting to be a rideshare driver for companies such as Uber?

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PCO stands for Public Carriage Office, and to work for Uber or any related company you must obtain a Private Hire License from the Transportation of London. Which is a requirement for all minicab and chauffeur drivers. More specifically if you want to work for Uber or any rideshare platform.

What People Think Compared to the Reality:
People get confused and end up buying a car instead of renting. They think it is easier and cheaper, which for them it could be. However, if you want to start driving as soon as possible then you should lean towards the rental fields. PCO car rental is a good option, with many rental companies now providing the service for rideshare wannabes.

The Rules That Are Not as Easy as They Seem:
It is no easy journey to get a within a rideshare company or even to get a car rental dealership because of the rules and regulations. First you must be twenty-one years of age and be living and working in the United Kingdom. Then you need to have English of good standard and be good at communication. You need to have three years of minimum experience and have a driver license.

Rental car dealerships nowadays will pass over your criminal record. If you have come in trouble with the law, they will give you a second chance. If your criminal record is not too serious and can be overlooked. You need the ability to read maps and locations and now the knowledge of the UK streets.

All of this might seem a bit too much if you are just starting out in the rideshare business, however, fear not as the most difficult step that is finding a suitable PCO car rental is now an easy journey. Being so, because of many dealerships now have cars suitable for the rideshare business.

Car Basics That You Need:
The cars that are a must for the Uber and other rideshare companies is a four-door, petrol or diesel run car that has not been used too much and is in good standing. The cars are fully inspected before going out to rent, so there is no need to fret about any of the cars being disagreeable. There are several options accessible for one renter, too many to chose from.

Buying VS Renting:
People think that buying is the safest option, although, they are not wrong, that is not always the case. Buying can be beneficial especially when you know what you are buying. However, when you are renting you can try it out for a bit, see what you like and if you would buy the said option or move onto another. Renting, more so when you are just staring your own business will be more beneficial than buying out right.

What if your business is not successful and you bought your car outright or even on loan payments? Now you will be in debt until you can freely pay off your car. However, when there is no source of income coming in then how will you do that? That is why up until you see your business is taking off and you are creating a source of revenue for yourself or your family then you can think about buying whatever you want. Never jump to the big gun when you are just starting out. Renting will be the safest option, as you can give the car back if you see the rideshare business is not for you.

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