Want Dimensional Accuracy and Stability? Try Die Casting Process

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Die casting is the most economical automated process in which a liquid is pressed into a mould under high pressure and at a high filling speed. This casting process is ideally suitable for mass production because it’s possible to produce large and complex components with low wall thickness.
The die-casting moulds consist of two halves which form a cavity in which the liquid is pressed during the casting process. These halves are located on a movable machine plate. The high-pressure is applied to the mould halves which is why the mould is completely equipped with latches. Alongside this, some parts of the mould are either heated or cooled so that the casting solidifies as desired. No doubt the production of the mould is exorbitant and time-consuming but thousands and millions of castings can be produced at one time.

Fields of application

The die casting is most commonly used for large series production. For instance, the components of the same type that needs to be cast. A high-casting quality is achieved by using high pressure during the manufacturing process. The precision die casting manufacturer recommends using this production process for thin and lightweight components. The die-cast components are most commonly manufactured for the automotive industry like manifolds, wheels, blocks, cylinder heads, etc. In addition, other industries in which die cast products are used include machinery, electronics, lighting, aerospace, domestic appliances, furniture, etc.

Casting for fittings

The casting for fittings with customized demands and requirements is based on
  • The tightness of the structure
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • And surfaces
The entire production process is taken place on the spherical graphite iron, alloyed, and unalloyed steel cast.

Advantages of the die casting process

  • High corrosion resistance
  • High strength and hardness
  • High thermal productivity
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Excellent RFI/ EMI isolation
  • Excellent processing properties

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