Want A Clear Skin? Try These Foods

We live in a world that tells us in order to be beautiful, we need to be using creams, gels, getting chemically-based treatments or covering our face with makeup. What we’re not told is that what goes on underneath the skin is what ultimately creates a more youthful, beautiful glow.

Having acne as a teen, I suffered years of low self-esteem and confusion about why I couldn’t have clear skin when other people around me did. I never linked my high sugar intake and diet rich in dairy foods and refined grains to my skin. Later on, years of gruesome research led me to discover that I had the ultimate gift to clear skin right at my supermarket – but it certainly wasn’t found in the form of my sugary chocolate chip cookies or tubs of ice cream.

Having clear skin is as easy as it is to rid the diet of problematic, often allergenic foods like wheat and other gluten-containing grains, dairy, and all refined grains and sugars. Anything that causes an allergic reaction or that produces acidity to the body will usually lead to acne. Refined sugar and grains also raise the glycemic index which triggers excess insulin that also increases the likelihood for acne.

One of the most important things to remember when eating for clear skin is the health of your digestive tract. Yes, fiber is important for keeping you regular, which will benefit the skin, but your internal bacteria are also important. Fermented and cultured foods like coconut kefir, coconut yogurt, raw apple cider vinegar, miso, kimchi, sauerkraut, and other plant-based, probiotic-rich foods will help keep your clear skin by enhancing your good gut bacteria. Your gut is responsible for getting rid of toxins and when those toxins accumulate, they often come out through the skin in the form of acne. Adding just a few probiotic-rich foods to your day can make all the difference to your skin and digestion.

Remember to avoid all foods that dramatically raise your blood sugar when on the conquest to eat a clear skin diet. This might even include some fruits for a while, though some people tolerate berries and green apples just fine. Also, try to eat more natural, whole foods, drinks plenty of water, and have a low-sugar, probiotic-rich green smoothie once a day. Your skin will probably clear up in no time, with no need for chemically-based gels and creams that just cover up what’s really going on inside.

Now, eat your way to clear skin- you deserve it!

To get clear skin you want to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B vitamins, water, healthy fats, and naturally low in sugar. These foods will enhance your blood flow, reduce inflammation, and aid in healthy blood sugar levels. Here are some of the best clear skin foods anyone can pack into their diet:


Almonds contain Vitamin E, B vitamins, healthy fats, and protein. They can help keep your skin clear, moist, and provide the building blocks for collagen to keep your skin free from wrinkles. Be sure to choose raw, unsalted almonds since roasted varieties are often high in oils that may trigger excess sebum production in the skin that leads to acne.


Just like pumpkin, carrots are a wonderful source of Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and reduces cellular damage. Carrots are also fairly low on the glycemic index and contain high amounts of fiber and Vitamin C. They’re also inexpensive, even in organic form, and one of the best humble everyday super-foods anyone could eat for clear skin and overall health.


Leafy greens are a foundation in any healthy regimen, including your skin. They’re packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, chlorophyll, B vitamins, and even protein. Consume them whenever you can, however, you can. Some great options that are easy on the palate include spinach, kale, arugula, and romaine. Collards, turnips, and beet greens also make awesome choices.


  • Coffee - Yes one cup of coffee it can boost your energy in the morning but anytime after that it can agitate your body and create stress aside from dehydration.
  • Alcohol - One glass of wine is not bad but actually good for you. Anything over that can give you a headache and dark circles.
  • Dairy - The skin is the body’s biggest organ. Whatever toxins the body can’t digest and eliminate through the colon, the skin takes the hit and those toxins come out through the skin in the form of acne, or possibly even rashes.
  • Junk food - Processed food, pizza, fried foods are the culprits of oily skin, indigestion, and acne on cheeks.

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