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Website creation has become an indispensable part of almost all kinds of businesses nowadays. However, as it is not possible for each and every individual to have the sound technical knowledge, it gives rise to the demand for the quicker and the easiest ways to generate flawless and high performing websites. As a result, the market has been overwhelmed with numerous website building tools and platforms capable of building perfect websites with less number of efforts and minimal budgets. 

Two such extremely popular names present in the market in the current times are Wix and WordPress. Both Wix and WordPress are excellent options to create custom websites without the need for any coding skills or experience. However, making a choice between the two sometimes becomes difficult for the individuals. If you are also the one struggling with the same problem then you are landed to the right page. This article will provide you with complete details about Wix, WordPress, and the comparison between the two so that you can make a clear choice. Let us begin with the basic introduction of both.

What is Wix?

Wix is a platform that enables you to create and manage your web presence without the need for any coding or technical knowledge. The platform offers more than 500 ready to use templates from which you can make a choice as per your needs and desires. No matter if you are looking to start a blog, an online store, want to promote your business, or want to optimize your site for search engines, Wix can prove to be an excellent option for you. The main features of WIX include the following

  1. Allows you to give an excellent look to your web pages by providing support to more than 100 font styles.

  2. You can display your images and videos using an attractive gallery layout.

  3. Your website will look perfect across a variety of screen devices.

  4. Provides outstanding support for SEO.

  5. Avails excellent design features including animations, video backgrounds, and scroll effects.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is nothing but a ready-made content management system that avails you with a number of advanced features and customization options required to build flawless websites. The CMS is so popular that more than 40% of the websites present over the internet are developed using WordPress and the numbers are still rising. You can hire dedicated wordpress developer to developer your Website. One of the most prominent reasons behind this excessive popularity and use of the CMS is the extensive support it provides for a range of plugins. Wordpress eases the job of developers to a great extent by permitting them to utilize ready-made pieces of code in the form of plugins that not only save a hell lot of their time but allows them to perform the job effortlessly also. The most prominent features of WordPress are as under

  1. WordPress serves as an excellent option to create a variety of websites including a blog, a business website, an eCommerce site, a professional portfolio, and so on. 

  2. It makes the management of your content a breeze.

  3. It makes your SEO management super easy by providing plenty of free as well as paid SEO supporting plugins including Yoast SEO and Rank Math.

  4. It avails you with a variety of ready-made themes that you can choose from as per your requirements. 

  5. WordPress provides excellent support for media management that enables you to add images and galleries in your content in an easy manner.

Wix v/s WordPress Comparison:-




Ease of use

Creating a website using Wix is an easier job that does not require any kind of technical knowledge and skills. You can simply create a website just by choosing a template from the given set of templates and doing the customizations as per your needs. 

Creating a website in Wordpress requires some kind of technical knowledge. Websites in WordPress are generally created with the help of plugins and extensions, the correct implementation of which requires some amount of technical proficiency. 


Wix offers a range of different pricing plans that you can choose from as per your budgets and requirements. 

WordPress, on the other hand, is a free and open-source platform. However, you are required to spend some amount of money on purchasing the domain name and the hosting. The cost may even rise if you choose to go for paid plugins and themes instead of the free ones to make your site more appealing and feature-rich. 

Support for SEO

Wix does a pretty good job and provides a lot of options to make the site SEO friendly. 

WordPress is relatively more powerful in providing adequate SEO support as it provides several powerful SEO plugins including Yoast SEO and Rank Math which cannot be expected in the case of Wix.


Wix provides excellent options to enhance the functionalities of your websites. No matter if you want to add a booking system in your application or live chat system to enhance customer support, Wix allows you to do all this in an easy and effective manner.

WordPress is also a great option if you want to add additional functionalities to your application. The only drawback here is, you have to make the use of plugins and extensions to achieve the purpose which may not be that feasible for you if you are not technically sound.

Customer support

Wix provides excellent customer support when it comes to solving the hurdles during the development or getting answers to any kind of queries.

The customer support provided by WordPress is not that good and you may have to take the help of forums and communities whenever you are stuck at any point.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that both Wix and WordPress are the two great yet entirely different platforms with their own set of features, pros, and cons. Hence, the choice between the two purely depends on your project requirements, budgets, and level of technical expertise. 

However, if you are still not sure which one is the best suitable for your next application, you can take help from our team anytime. Our team is always happy to help!

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