VPN for Spectrum: Avoid Throttling, ISP monitoring and Bypass Geographical Restrictions

Using VPN together with Spectrum can ease up your life a lot, VPN on Spectrum will help you to bypass ISP throttling, protect your privacy and stop ISP from monitoring your activities online, selling your data and to bypass all sorts of geographical restrictions online.


Spectrum is one of the biggest Internet service, cable TV and phone services providers in the US. However it doesn’t matter how big the ISP is and how many users it has, any ISP in the US has the power to collect and sell users data to third party members. There is not much privacy in the United States you might say.

Besides privacy issues United States citizens also often encounter such problems as ISP throttling and Spectrum users are not an exception. ISP throttling appears when ISP such as Spectrum limits their users internet speed on purpose while they use bandwidth heavy platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, Torrents.

There are much more problems that Spectrum or any ISP users might encounter and problems that VPN can solve. How can VPN for Spectrum help you?

  1. VPN helps to bypass ISP throttling;
  2. VPN helps to keep your internet activities private;
  3. VPN helps to hide your torrenting activities form ISP and avoid getting fines for torrenting;
  4. VPN can help to bypass all sorts of geographical restrictions online, unlock geo-blocked streaming platforms and bypass firewalls.

Quick recommendations for Best VPN for Spectrum (we dive deeper into these VPNs later):

  • Surfshark (now offering 83% discount for users)
  • NordVPN (now offering 70% discount for users)
  • CyberGhost (now offering 2 extra months for free)

Spectrum Throttling and how to bypass it

If you are suffering from slow internet there might be some technical issues with Spectrum or you just might need to update your plan, but there is another explanation — ISP throttling.

If everything looks good, if your ISP isn’t encountering technical issues but you are still encountering slow internet your ISP might be throttling you. ISP throttling means that your internet service provider like Spectrum is limiting your internet speed while you are using bandwidth heavy platforms such as Youtube. Simple way to bypass Spectrum throttling is by using a VPN. VPN encrypts your traffic and changes your IP address, by doing so it hides your activities and websites you visit from your ISP and they cannot throttle you.

Torrenting on Spectrum

Torrenting is surely illegal in the United States, well not all torrenting but downloading stuff without the permission of copyright holders. Torrenting is also heavily fined in the United States and you can easily receive a copyright infringement letter from Spectrum for torrenting.

VPN is a way to go if you want to torrent but you really do not want your ISP knowing it and sending you fines. VPN again changes your IP address and nobody can track down that you were the one who used torrents illegally.

Bypass geographical restrictions

VPN is a very popular tool for bypassing geographical restrictions. The easiest ones to bypass are just simply ones that you encounter while trying to reach a specific website, a video on Youtube or a news website. The harder ones to bypass are ones that are put on different streaming platforms such as Netflix, Youtube TV, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and others, but gladly some VPNs manage to bypass those restrictions and let you enjoy streaming with no limits.

Best VPN for Spectrum


  • Strict no logs policy, which means your activities online are absolutely anonymous;
  • Strong encryption, DNS and IP leak protection and secure protocols;
  • Privacy Friendly location;
  • Built-in kill-switch and ad-blocker;
  • Supports an unlimited number of devices;
  • Fast and secure servers around the globe;
  • Unblocks major streaming platforms;
  • Easy to use and set up on any device;
  • GPS spoofing (only for Android devices);
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • 30-day money back guarantee;
  • Supports torrents (P2P servers).

And you can get Surfshark with an 83% discount right now, just follow this link.



  • Strict no logs policy and industry leading encryption;
  • Based in Privacy friendly location;
  • Supports torrents;
  • Support 6 simultaneous devices;
  • Built-in kill-switch and ad-blocker;
  • Fast servers worldwide;
  • Unblock streaming platforms such as Netflix;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

NordVPN right now is offering a 70% discount for users.



  • Streaming friendly VPN that unblocks major streaming platforms;
  • Fast and secure servers worldwide;
  • No logs policy;
  • Supports 7 simultaneous devices;
  • Built-in kill-switch;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • 45-day money back guarantee;
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up on devices;
  • Supports anonymous torrents.

You can get 2 extra months for free if you buy CyberGhost now.


Does Spectrum allow VPNs?

Yes you can use Spectrum together with VPN, VPN can be blocked by the government but ISP such as Spectrum on their own do not block VPNs and you can easily use them.

How to set up VPN on Spectrum?

There are few ways to set up VPN to work with Spectrum: you can use a VPN app (either mobile or computer), you will find the VPN app on their website or app store, you can use browser extension or you can set up VPN on your router. It depends on the VPN but it is usually quite easy to set up VPN on any device from mobile to Smart TVs. The only thing that will take a little bit more time is setting VPN on the router, but you can find informative guides on your VPN website.

Source: https://medium.com/@sleepysimbol/vpn-for-spectrum-avoid-throttling-isp-monitoring-and-bypass-geographical-restrictions-2190cc157f9f

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