Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy

The cancellation of the flight will cost more than anything else, but if you book your flight on Volaris Airlines, the task will be easier for you. This is because the airline offers you a flexible Volaris Airlines cancellation policy . 

Volaris Airlines will not refund the passenger who purchased his ticket 7 days prior to departure. For others, the airlines may refund the full amount. 
If the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of purchase, the passenger will receive a full refund. 
The cancellation process can be done in the "Manage my booking" section of the "Volaris Airlines" section. 
Here we are more concerned with learning about uncontrolled conditions such as bad weather. The weather cancellation policy of Volaris Airlines is further explained below.

Natural conditions are not controlled by airlines. One of the most common situations where a flight can be canceled and uncontrollable is the weather. 
If Volaris Airlines is forced to cancel a flight due to bad weather, they will not refund it because it is not their fault and they cannot control it. 
They come forward to transfer you on the next flight available. 
In addition, they will provide compensation for the unused portion of your ticket, even if you file a claim online. 
You can book the flight to another date without paying an extra.
Source :  Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy

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