Vivo's first smartwatch orange highlights vitality

Recently, vivo launched its first smart watch, vivo WATCH. Compared with the smart watches already on the market, vivo WATCH is very different.

Doesn't it feel like a smart watch, but more like a fashionable watch?
In addition to the powerful functions of the smart watch itself, it is also an accessory for daily dressing. This time vivo WATCH illustrates this very well. Vivo WATCH uses precision ceramics as the bezel, which is about four times harder than stainless steel, which can prevent scratches and fading without fear of losing luster and texture.
In terms of function, vivo WATCH is equipped with six sensor systems including five-core optical heart rate and blood oxygen sensor, four major satellite positioning systems and barometric altitude sensor. It can perform health monitoring functions for 24 hours, and can monitor heart rate and blood oxygen saturation in real time. degree. During the day, the body vitality value and exercise record can be monitored for the user, and the sleep information can be recorded for the user at night, and sleep record data can be generated.

Through data, vivo WATCH will also bring you certain health advice. In addition, vivo WATCH can also be transformed into a bus card and access card through multifunctional NFC. Does it feel very powerful?

At present, the price of vivo WATCH starts at 170 Euro. I believe that this price is still very worthwhile to experience. Interested students can pay more attention to it.

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