Use of AR in Mobile App Development

Augmented and virtual reality was nothing more than a theory when the phrase was first coined in 1990. A Boeing researcher, Tom Caudell, first came up with the idea, back when Star Trek: The Next Generation introduced the Holodeck, a fictional immersive virtual reality environment.

Now we are closer than ever to immersive virtual realities. With augmented reality (AR), already having an impact on app development. One of the most impactful and well-known AR apps to hit the market was Pokemon Go in 2016.

Pokemon Go caught the world’s attention, quickly resulting in AR brand collaborations, such as Starbucks and T-Mobile. It is a mobile game developed and published by Niantic for iOS and Android devices, known for breaking world records for downloads and app revenues. Launched in 2016, Pokemon Go currently has 900 million downloads as of September 2018, and an estimated $1.2 billion in revenues,  according to Apptopia.

However, Pokemon Go is far from the only noticeable player in the augmented reality market. Current estimates for the market value are estimating that it could be as high as $162 billion in 2024, according to experts interviewed by the BBC. AR device and service revenue currently stands at around $54 billion and is growing fast.

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