Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! Many countries are blocked again!

The latest data from the WHO website shows that as of 14:06 on the 31st Central European Time (21:06 Beijing time), the number of confirmed cases worldwide increased by 535,928 from the previous day, reaching 45,428,731, a single day since the outbreak. Quantity record. The number of deaths increased by 7,246 to 1,185,721.

The global situation of the new crown epidemic has become increasingly severe, and the epidemic situation in many countries is once again urgent. After France, Spain and other countries announced another blockade, many countries such as the United Kingdom, Austria, and Germany have also announced that they will block again.

United Kingdom: England will enter the second total blockade
On the evening of October 31, local time, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a press conference, announcing that from November 5th, England will implement a second total blockade until December 2nd. At that time, except for supermarkets selling daily necessities, non-essential facilities and institutions such as catering and entertainment will be closed.

Unlike the first full lockdown this spring, UK primary schools, universities and other campuses will remain open during the lockdown.

Austria: All leisure venues are closed for one month, and there is a curfew across the country

On October 31, local time, Austrian Chancellor Kurz announced the second "blockade" measure. The second "blockade" will start at 0:00 on November 3 and last until the end of November. During this period, a curfew will be implemented from 20 am to 6 am the next day. Residents are not allowed to leave their residence unless necessary; cultural and recreational facilities such as cinemas and theaters are closed; public events and gatherings other than funerals are prohibited; hotels are closed, and only allowed in the catering industry Provide takeaway services; professional sports events can be held without spectators, stadiums are closed, and only non-contact sports activities are allowed outdoors; further tightening of maintenance agency visit regulations.

At the same time, the government calls on people to work from home as much as possible. Compared with the first lockdown measures in spring, kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools will remain open during the “lockdown” period, but high schools and colleges will be converted to distance learning; shops and barber shops can be strictly abided by the premise Continue to open under.

Portugal: Mandatory telecommuting

On October 31, local time, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced a new policy to deal with the new crown epidemic.
The new policy requires that you cannot go out except for necessary activities such as going to work, going to school, shopping or sports; activities and celebrations shall not exceed 5 people (except those living together); exhibitions and markets are prohibited; unless necessary, remote Office.
These measures will be implemented on November 4 and will be evaluated every two weeks
Germany: implement a new round of blockade for one month

On October 28, local time, German Chancellor Merkel and the governors of the federal states convened the "New Crown Summit" to reach a basic consensus on the current epidemic situation and agreed to declare Germany into a "public health emergency", starting from November 2 The blockade was implemented again for a period of one month.

Merkel said that the number of infected people in Germany is "exponentially increasing." Although the public health system is still able to deal with it, if the epidemic continues to spread at such a rate, the medical system will reach its limit within a few weeks. She emphasized that in order to flatten the infection curve, it is necessary to immediately take tough measures to fight the epidemic with a nationwide effort.

Russia cancels November 7th Red Square parade

According to RIA Novosti news, on October 31, local time, the Regional Security and Anti-Corruption Bureau of the Moscow City Government of Russia announced the cancellation of the Red Square military parade originally scheduled for November 7. According to the news, due to the intensification of the new crown epidemic in the Moscow region, the Moscow City Government has decided to cancel the group gathering activities on November 4 and November 7, including the annual military parade held on Red Square.

According to the information released by the official website of the Russian new crown virus epidemic prevention, as of the morning of October 31, Moscow time, there were 18,140 new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Russia, with a total of nearly 1.62 million confirmed cases. The capital city of Moscow has newly confirmed 4952 cases, with a total of more than 420,000 confirmed cases.

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