Unlimited Productions: The Globally Recognized Technical Production Company

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Meet Unlimited Productions, a full-service production company offering technical, creative concepts, high-end designs, and quality event productions. With a diverse client portfolio consisting of event organizations, multinationals, agencies and event promoters the company is active on an international scale within the field of live communication, such as; corporate events, public events, festivals, sports events, TV, shows & concerts and artists-/ touring management. It’s experienced team consists of 30 highly motivated professionals. The company helps its clients with all of their event production needs. It translates creative ideas and designs into practical planning that includes staging, temporary structures, tents, sound & light equipment, video screens, power supply, machinery, decoration, etc. Following the four-phase blueprint with a key focus on the event and production management, it accompanies its clients from definition to concept, into preproduction and technical production.

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