Unable to Receive Emails on Gmail: What to Do?

Gmail is one of the free email service providers. Many users are facing the issue of Gmail not working. However, if you are getting difficulties in fixing the same, you can go through the effective steps to resolve the issue. Moreover, you can get connected to the technicians for help whenever you want.

Effective Methods to Resolve Gmail Not Receiving Emails Issue

Method 1: Remove the Unwanted Filters
Follow the steps given below to remove the unwanted Email Filters
  • Open the settings and click on the option of Filter
  • Go through all the email filters and hit on the Delete button.
Method 2: Turn off the Email Forwarding Settings

You cannot receive any new email in your account, if you have turn on the option of forwarding, because due to the forwarding option you are not authorized to get the email in your account, and the mail has been abstracted to the email address listed.

Method 3: Unblock the Email Address

If you have blocked the email address of the sender, verify it and unblock it. After unblocking, you can start receiving new emails in your account.

Avail the Help via Experts anytime
If you are not satisfied by the methods given above of Gmail not responding, no need to get fret. You can reach the experts for help. Our professionals will help you to resolve the issue in a time and get your issue fixed as soon as possible.

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