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Started in 1993, the Law Office of Ned C. Khan has been representing clients in numerous fields of divorce, personal injury, and criminal cases including DUI, Domestic Battery, Domestic Violence, Assault & Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Robbery & Theft, Battery, juvenile cases, probation violations, misdemeanor, visitation/parenting time, felony cases, removal issues, maintenance, custody proceedings, child support and paternity cases. If you or your family members are facing a DUI charge in Montgomery, DuPage, Kane, North Aurora, Kane, and Kendall areas of Illinois, call the Law Offices of Ned C. Khan for a free discussion with a Dui Attorney in Montgomery

Here at the Law Office of Ned C. Khan, we specialize in divorce, criminal, family and personal injury cases and we are committed to serving victim clientele in Aurora, DuPage, Kane, North Aurora, Montgomery, Naperville, Oswego, and Kendall areas of Illinois. Whether you are struggling with your parenting case, get in touch with a professional Paternity Lawyer in North Aurora from Law Office of Ned C. Khan that will help to represent you at all aspects of a paternity case.

At the Law Office of Ned C. Khan, we guarantee to win your case and provide justice to achieve your legal goals. When it comes to finding a proficient, skilled, licensed and experienced Aurora Divorce Attorney and Uncontested Divorce Aurora to handle both contested and uncontested lawsuit that occurs with the distribution of assets, custody or visitation, maintenance, child support, Law office of Ned C. Khan. Ned C. Khan is an ideal choice for you. Our skilled and highly experienced lawyer can help you identify your goals and help you deal with the most unpleasant period of time you may ever experience.

If you need more information about criminal cases in Aurora or Naperville, IL, contact Law Office of Ned C. Khan at 630-820-3203 today for a free consultation with an experienced Criminal Attorney in NapervilleTo know more about our payment plans for all cases, visit our page

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