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GoGoVan is a logistics service provider that connects truck drivers and customers for transporting goods and other services. The on-demand truck booking app offers customers the option to select the required truck from a wide range of vehicle selection list available. The revenue has exceeded $1 billion, and they are planning to expand their market beyond the B2B sector. According to the business reports, over 18,000 drivers and 50% percent of the van driver market is controlled by GoGoVan.  Let’s look at the prerequisite factors required to develop the clone.

Service options

Users should have multiple options to choose from, such as users can ride with items while moving, oversized goods, and transporting pets.

Timely service

In order to attract more customers to use the on-demand truck booking app, the users should be provided with on-time services. Features like real-time tracking should be included so that users can monitor their vehicles as per their convenience.

App development process

Developing an app like this requires a lot of planning and consolidation work. For these are the crucial phases of  GoGoVan clone app development:

  • Product discovery: It involves deciding on the general layout of the app and its features. Also, the platform to be deployed is deciding here as each platform has its own set of rules for accepting the application. So the developers must consider these factors from the initial stage.

  • Product validation: Designing and testing of prototypes take place here. After this, the developed app undergoes a series of testing.

  • Product release: After the testing is complete, the truck booking app is launched on various platforms like the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. It is better to launch on both platforms to gain more user base.


Truck booking services app has made it simpler and convenient for business people to transport the goods as per their needs. The advanced features like in-app chat, multiple payment modes, feedbacks are the main factors that have contributed to its extensive use. It is challenging to develop an On-demand GoGoVan clone app from scratch, so business owners can make use of ready-made clone app solutions offered by Appdupe. Connect with us to learn more.

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