Top features that every millennial will expect on your on-demand ride-hailing app

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The world is evolving at a rapid pace in the digital age. If you own a taxi business in your district, and plan to expand your services, consider getting a Hailo clone. It is preloaded with essential features to run your business and also offers unlimited customization options. Develop your app with a user-centric perspective to get successful results in the long run. Here is what millennials are expecting from an on-demand ride-hailing app.


    The users must register their account before starting to use the services on the platform. From the perspective of non-technical users, registering their account is just getting access to the app. But from a developer’s perspective, it is acquiring the control of a property. The development of technologies helps developers implement biometric authentication methods like a fingerprint to increase the platform’s security.

User profile:

    A user profile will have the necessary information like contact details, name, photo, payment method. The app will automatically assign the user’s name entered at the time of registration. Uploading an image makes it easier for drivers to identify passengers.

Minimalistic user interface:

    Modern consumers will not prefer spending more time on your app. It wouldn’t be wrong to say they need things to be done quickly without putting much effort. Ensure that your app development team follows a minimalistic approach while designing the app’s user interface. Your app’s ultimate purpose is to book cabs, and so your customers should be able to do it with minimal steps.

Taxi request and allocation:

    Taxi request is one of the complex modules for developers to implement. They need to integrate a complicated algorithm that automatically allocates the nearest cabs for users. Customers will not prefer to wait for a long time and so your development team must put in their efforts to synchronize the driver app and rider app properly. The customers should get an ETA time once their ride is booked, and it will depend on several factors like traffic congestion, demand, etc.

Fare estimation:

    Your customers must get an approximate fare estimation before booking the cab. The fare should be calculated as soon as the users enter their destination. Factors like traffic congestion, peak hours, festival time, and holidays will affect the price. Your development team should customize the algorithm to be flexible and adaptive. 

Ratings and reviews:

    Ratings and reviews are essential in every on-demand service app. The user feedback will also help you to improve the quality of your services. It can also help drivers to look for the drawbacks in their services.

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