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I want my hair and my curls to be defined I don't want to just look like I just have pouffe on my hair but that's just me if that's what you like more power to you but for me, I really like definition so that product does give me a really good amount of definition and the price you can't beat the price now.

This product is a newfound love of mine I love using this john Frieda Frizz Ease a clearly defined show what I love about it, first of all, is that its alcohol - free so it does not dry my hair out and it's so affordable so cheap it's five bucks.
I don't use this all over my hair for like a one product wash and go what I like to use this for is as I go throughout the week and my wash and go starts to get a little bit older and a little bit frizzy hair.

I like to touch up some of my curls with this product or even immediately after I do my wash and go and as it's drying as it's going through like the air of air-drying process if I notice some parts of my hair aren't really cooperating or drying properly.

I'll just take a little bit of this and then just touch up and like breakthrough this product through moroccanoil intense hydrating mask and it will keep it that way throughout the whole week the whole time and I don't really need to use anything else and it's just I love it because it doesn't dry out my hair.

It doesn't make my hair flaky any anything and it doesn’t' have alcohol in it so it's just great I love it it's so so great in the price come on come on now this product is probably one of the best to find creams for the price it's so inexpensive it's like $5. 99 and it's the can shine into fine custard it's so great you can basically get it anywhere that sells Cantu products.

So like Target CVS Walgreens Walmart wherever and it's really great I noticed for me it does make my wash and go last quite a while not as long as the chrome maker by Camille rose but a freaking good amount of time so like if the Camille Rose makes my hair last like eight days the canned two one makes my hair it lasts like four or five days so it's still pretty freak in great the price is just fantastic I find myself.

If I'm going on like a trip and I need a like buy something really cheap really inexpensive and I know it'll work I always gravitate towards that product specifically, so yeah I just like you can't go wrong with it and yeah so those were my top 10 favourite defining and styling products for curly hair. Thanks for reading the article.

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