Top 9 Useful Habits for Every Day

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All of us are accustomed to perform certain actions every day. For example, constantly have breakfast with something special. Each one has his own actions and can be described as - habits, which actually form our life with you. But in order to have a full and harmonious life, and also to be active and healthy, I suggest you study a list of 10 good everyday habits that I use and which will make you and your life much better and more interesting. The list is formed by the importance of these actions (for me personally), they may be in a different sequence or in general.

So, Top-10 Useful habits on Everyday


Find your biological clock and learn to go to bed and wake up earlier. Early morning (I wake up at 5:15 am) is the best time for easy sports, making plans. In addition, already until 9-10 in the morning, you can redo a lot of things, while the others are just swinging, going to work and still waking up. This habit allows you to be one step ahead of the rest. This habit is especially useful to businessmen for whom it is important to outstrip their competitors in everything.

During the day you will have a lot of free time that you can spend on self-education and development. I chose this time for sports. At 6 in the morning I am already running at a distance, after which I do stretching and endurance exercises and by 8 o'clock in the morning (while the others are still sleeping or just starting to open their eyes) I take a shower, have breakfast and do certain planned tasks for work. And at 10 o'clock I can take up personal affairs or the development of any projects. And here is the recipe itself: Start to start your alarm clock 10-15 minutes earlier than usual, after 2 weeks another 10 minutes. What else? Acquire your new habit gradually, unnoticed by your own body. Remember! To get up early, you need to sleep accordingly and go to bed early. At about 10:00 pm, an important hormone, melatonin, gradually begins to secrete. The body is restored in the period from 22:00 to 2:00. At this time the hour of your sleep will go like two hours. Therefore, an important formula is early bedtime = easy, early rise.


Running in the morning is a pleasure. Fresh and clean air, little transport (if suddenly you run around the track and you do not have forest-park zones), the sunrise. Beauty. What could be more beautiful? And yet, the habit of running in the morning, energizes for the whole day, improves mood, improves mental activity due to the abundant rush of blood to the brain, increases libido, protects against cardiovascular diseases, improves skin condition, and cures for depression. In general, from running a solid benefit. My recommendation to you. If you have never run and avoided physical education classes in high school, then just start by walking in the morning, after a week start accelerating your pace. And you will not notice how in a month you will run. In an amicable way, in order to have real benefits from running, you need to run for at least 30-40 minutes every day.


I have already mentioned the good habit of running, but there are other types of physical activity. Any activity is beneficial for a person, and in today's modern world, where almost any work is sedentary, it is simply necessary to move. Use this opportunity everywhere: If you live in an apartment building, then instead of an elevator, walk up the stairs. In principle, it is generally desirable to walk more on foot, take a break of 5, 10 minutes every hour. If you are an office employee, walk more outdoors, on weekends try to go to the park or go for a walk somewhere outside the city (I do not always succeed). Instead of sitting in a bar and drinking beer, help for example your parents in the country or in the garden (if you or your parents have a private house). If you have a small child, set aside 20-30 minutes for active games; in the summer, ride a bike, swim, and in the free time in winter, ski or skate. Be active every day. And, then you will feel much better from introducing this habit into your lifestyle.


One of the most important habits in my opinion is reading. With the development of high technology and the advent of the Internet, books have lost their significance for humans. People are no longer interested in leafing through books, they are just too lazy to do it, too lazy to think and develop. Therefore, a man exchanged a book for TV and a smartphone. But, in fact, the book plays a very important role in the development of man, understanding of the world, in his philosophy and thinking.

The reader reads more quickly, he has a developed memory, imagination, logical thinking, a greater vocabulary (which is very important when communicating, for example, in business circles). A person who reads a lot of self-development, gets the experience and knowledge of other people, develops his own worldview. Here is a new formula for you: read some useful book every day for at least 30 minutes. Reading implies real literature, motivational or educational books. But not reading posts on social networks about how useful it is to drink beer and eat kebabs on vacation. Introduce this habit into your life and you will not notice how you will begin to transcend your friends and co-workers with your versatile thinking.


Every day do something new. This will bring diversity to your life, even any small change in the form of a new route to work (for example, when you go to work or go back to your home), try a new meal or food in general. New combinations of clothes, new books, new places for walking with the family, new skills.

Try, for example, to eat with your other hand, start learning a foreign language. Or plunge into a new sport for yourself, fly to another region or another country for a holiday, just start traveling first within, and then outside of your native and familiar city. Explore your city thoroughly, for sure you have not seen many amazing places and have never been there. Change the dishes at home, rearrange the furniture, make redecoration in the apartment, go more often to museums, theaters, concerts and exhibitions, finally change your work if you are tired of it. Live bright and diverse!


Learn time management. If you want more time for yourself and your relatives, then learn how to use your time effectively. There are many secrets to do it. If we analyze the average person’s day, then 30% of the time goes nowhere: social networks, TV, long meals, again under TV, idle talk, lie in bed in the morning, smoke breaks, coffee breaks. In addition, time is simply inefficiently used: constantly distracting factors at work, there is no plan for the day, there are no goals, life goes on. And time is not a recoverable resource, it is impossible to return yesterday. The habit of managing your time is one of the best habits forever.


Keep a diary of success. Every day, in the evening, write your progress today in a special notebook or phone. We do it right on our site. We keep two diaries at once. Exercise diary and nutrition diary. Keeping a diary will raise your self-esteem, help focus on the positive and give energy for further action. It will take 5 minutes of time, and as a result you will receive a chronology of your everyday victories, which you can always re-read if you start to “give up” or sadness rushes. Write all the little things you did during the day: you got up 5 minutes earlier, ate a healthy breakfast, went on foot, agreed with the client, made an important call, and spent more time with the family. All these are your little victories on the road to great success!


Learn to notice good in everything. Whatever bad event happens, ask yourself the question: “What good can I get from this event?”. You need to ask right away, until you are covered with a wave of gloom, malice or bad mood. While you go to work or walk, pay attention to all sorts of little things: green grass, trees, sky, wind, sun, birds, children, animals, cleanliness. Look for the “bright side of the coin” in everything - this will teach you not to despair even in the most difficult situations. As the saying goes, "optimists twist the globe."


Eat the healthiest food and get rid of bad habits. Food - the closest contact with the outside world. What you eat during the day makes you either energetic and strong, or vice versa sluggish and apathetic. Try changing your diet. Study the literature on proper and natural nutrition. Forget diets. Be sure to read the articles on our website about the transition to proper nutrition - this will be the first step to your health and longevity. Most importantly, stop eating fast food, sandwiches, drink soda, coffee and black tea from morning to evening, eat lots of sweet, salty, meat, dairy, smoke and drink alcohol. Do not even want to listen. And you try at least a couple of weeks. You will feel much lighter and more energetic. Take food with you in containers. Drink more than regular non-carbonated water. Snack on fruits and vegetables. Make more salads without mayonnaise and butter. Remember, "we are what we eat."

Here we have such a list of 9 self care activities about you . You can also use these habits in your life, take it, I absolutely do not mind. Everything is for you! The main thing is to have a goal and a desire to change yourself. Make yourself a better than ever copy of your past. Changing yourself - you change your life and make a small contribution to changing the world as a whole.

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