Top 5 Numerologist in India for Numerology Consultation

Being the land of ancient occult sciences, India has always raised the bar when it comes to practices of Astrology and Numerology and houses the Best Numerologists in the World.  Most Indian Numerologists not only predict the best path for you via numerical calculation but also are multi-faceted experts of arts like Palmistry, Vedic Astrology and Tarot. When times get uncertain, most of us need that little push to keep striving for greatness and positivity in our lives; Numerology does just that when possibilities seem grim. We have listed down the Top 5 Numerologists in India, so that you can find someone who uses the right combinations along with traditional numerology to determine your path and successfully guide you towards it.
1. Arviend Sud

Born in the holy city of Amritsar, Punjab in 1967, Arviend Sud is counted among the Best choices for Numerology Consultation in Delhi. As a young boy, he used to check his horoscope in the newspapers daily to see where his life was headed and it raised a curiosity in him for the sciences of Numerology and Astrology. After moving to Delhi in 1999, he gained his education in the sciences of Numerology & Vastu from the best Gurus of Occult Sciences. With the motto of “We Believe in Transformation, Not in Miracles” He started his training centre in the year 2000 called ‘Destiny Science: A Holistic Numerology, Vastu and Feng-Shui Research Institute’ where he trains the future upholders of the occult sciences. He has also been featured on major Indian TV channels, trained more than 8000 students in person and millions online. Now, he has more than 16,000 delighted clients across 12 countries. Now you can also consult him online.
Location: New Delhi
Contact:  //[email protected]
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2. Sanjay B Jumaani

When he was struggling to make ends meet, his father advised him to use Sanjay ‘B’ Jumaani as his name instead of just Sanjay Jumaani, what followed next was a complete 360 degree change for Sanjay, who was previously a non-believer of the science of Numerology and Astrology. Now, the Astro-Numerologist is the go to Numerologist for the Ambanis and big celebrities like Rohit Shetty and Shahrukh Khan. He has become a household name thanks to his frequent Radio shows on MY FM and TV appearances such as Bigg Boss, where he has predicted the right winner three times. Without a doubt, he is among our top choices for Numerology consultation in India. If you visit the website, you can also book an online consultation for ease!
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Contact: 02224374025
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3. Sheelaa M Bajaj

The go to Celebrity Numerologist, Sheelaa M Bajaj offers her clients an array of services alongside traditional Numerology such as Reiki, Fingerprint analysis and Tarot Card Reading. Over a two-decade long career, she has guided millions of clients from around the world, and she can also be seen on TEZ news channel, a part of India Today Group. Her predictions are so accurate that she is the most sought after numerologist during elections and big sport events like IPL. An Author of several books and an enigmatic TED Talk speaker, she has been awarded as the Best Numerologist in Asia. A consultation with her will surely help you decide aspects like Lucky Dates, Marriage, Baby Names, Business Names and so much more! You can also call her up or consult her online for added ease.
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Contact Details: 08880030213
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4. Harshavardhan

When he saw the potential of Numerology, he gave it his all and changed his name. Now, Harshavardhan is a famous advanced astro-numerologist in Hyderabad but he is renowned across the globe. His Numerology Services can be availed by anyone above the age of 13. Harsha Vardhan believes that Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury, Venus, Ketu, Saturn and Mars directly influence individuals, by means of their cosmic rays on human minds and thoughts, resulting in good and bad luck to them. Therefore, he combines the two sciences to give you the perfect blend of guidance for optimum satisfaction. His work has been awarded the prestigious ‘Jyotish Ratna’ and is not only lauded in India but he is counted among the best numerologist in the world!
Location:  Hyderabad, Telangana
Contact Details: 090592 07900
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5. Sachinn S Sharma

Originally a graduate of Hotel Management, Sachinn taught himself Numerology of a three-decade long research. He is also expertly trained in mantras and their effects, certified in angel power and angel invocation, well informed about crystals, stones and gems as well as a trained Vastu/Energy balance specialist. He also has created a vast and complex matrix software solution, which can create a 100 page customized PDF version report of one’s full life ahead. Available for online consultation, Sachinn also practices Numerology directed towards life solutions for an individual or family so that they can find success in all realms. Offering rare family numerology consultations, Sachinn S Sharma is the Numerologist to go to if you are looking to better familial relations.
Location: Gurgaon, Haryana
Contact: 09650106655
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