Top 3 reasons why steel stud framing is eco-friendly?

Steel is becoming more and more popular as a material for various construction projects and erecting modern commercial and industrial buildings. Compared to other frames, drywall steel studs & framing comes with a plethora of benefits that will perfectly meet all the eco-conscious building owner's requirements.

Is steel stud framing good for the environment?
The answer is a resounding, Yes. Here’s why?

3 Reasons that make steel stud framing eco friendly

Waste reduction and recycling during your construction

In steel buildings, every piece of steel is carefully engineered and delivered to an intended destination. These steel frames can be custom-designed to fit the building's structure perfectly. That means there will be no steel waste generated onsite. If you go for wood frames, they are cut as per the requirements, leaving an excessive amount of wood pieces onsite. It has been proved that steel material is a recyclable and reusable material in the construction sector. It is around 98 percent recyclable. So using metal stud framing instead of woods is not only good for the environment but reduces wastage as well.

A significant level of reduction in your energy costs

Steel is one of the most robust materials for the construction project and can support thicker layers of insulation. You don't have to compromise in structural integrity for this. When you have thicker insulation, your building won't lose as much heat, and this, in turn, will help cuts costs on the energy bill. Various studies have shown that well-insulated steel buildings can help you save around 30% to 50% off your energy bill. Now, that is a significant saving.

No special treating techniques required 

Another great benefit of using steel framing is that you don't need to use any spray to coat the frames to keep them safe from bugs, pests and termites. For wood frames, you will have to spray or treat them with different environmentally hazardous chemicals to prevent termites, bugs and pests. Such sprays are dangerous to the environment. When you have steel frames, you don't have to use such hazardous chemical which is not only safe for the environment but also safe for people inside these buildings.

Steel buildings are incredibly resistant to natural occurrences, for example, tornadoes, snowstorms, floods, and earthquakes. A steel structure can withstand an earthquake of a magnitude around 7.9 to 8.0 on the Richter scale. Next time, when you are deciding on framing for your construction projects, opt for steel framing.

The points mentioned above have stated that drywall steel studs & framing are entirely eco-friendly. Besides, there are many such benefits that you can enjoy with this. Such frames have been used for industrial and commercial construction projects for years. So, go on and enjoy the best quality metal stud framing in Calgary from Helms Construction.

As one of the best construction companies in Calgarythey offer tailored and custom construction solutions. For more details, call Helms Construction at 403-312-1450 or 403-312-9226.

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