Today's Required Cleaning for Commercial Spaces

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The coronavirus has brought greatly heightened requirements for cleaning all New York City commercial spaces. It's now a must for all businesses to have the most effective commercial cleaning NYC has available. The days are gone when routine mopping and dusting will suffice. Today's needs focus on more frequent deep cleaning and effective sanitizing. The safety and peace of mind of all depend on highly and effective results. Beginning with medical facilities and now extending to other businesses that have reopened, standards and expectations have been raised across the board.

Following CDC and OHSA advisories guidance, the work of the city's coronavirus cleaning experts. The guidelines establish protocols for disinfecting surfaces, the air, and personal protective equipment (PPE) – all of which are essential considerations. Restaurants and fitness centers bring specialized needs nearly on the level of medical facilities. With social distancing, surfaces need to be disinfected daily or even more frequently to keep touchpoints free from the virus. It's one of the essential ways to reduce and eliminate transmission from one person to another.

Historic and high-end interiors with upholstered furniture and wood surfaces have special needs. For them, spray-on disinfectants that are used widely on other surfaces might not be appropriate. As a result, they require specialized methods and products that may be more time-consuming. If your office has such an interior, you'll need an expert contractor offering a broader range of capabilities. They can adapt to a greater variety of needs and sanitize and disinfect in any office, no matter its style. Make sure to discuss your budget upfront so that the extra services can be added to it.

Janitorial services with the expertise to clean for coronavirus are the ones that have augmented their capabilities to meet today's most urgent need. They have the specialized skills to clean and sanitize to protect the health of your employees and customers. The safe and effective application of disinfecting products is crucial to the process – and they perform as needed only when properly applied. Many are carry-overs from medical cleaning and restroom sanitizing now in use for applications outside of those needs. The new sanitizing protocols are required to meet guidelines and stop COVID-19 transmission.

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