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The excitement the desire to both give and receive pleasure these are normal feelings between two people who are attracted to each other in this one how to blog we will show you the most effective tips and tricks to have the best lesbian sex are you ready relax and listen up as we provide the best ways you and your partner can reach maximum pleasure the first step will be to have confidence in yourself if you want to have sex with another person it's important to be safe and to get the most enjoyment out of their encounter before meeting your partner relax take a bath and avoid having unrealistic expectations about what might happen people can sense tension and you may create an uncomfortable environment which is counterproductive it's important that you know the woman you're going to have sex with talk to her know her concerns and thoughts a few rods about her likes and preferences in bed can both relax and excite the other person a lot when the spark is there you can move on to the third step start kissing slowly without hurrying and try to enjoy every moment you can increase the tone with some more passionate kisses and caresses it's very important to register how she reacts to everything you do if you notice she feels uncomfortable or that she's not enjoying it do not hesitate to check to see if she is okay don't be afraid to ask them what they would like you to do sex between women has been a taboo for a long time which has had a negative effect on sexual relationships dare to enjoy each other's bodies and experience pleasure without any fear in the same way that you enjoy receiving pleasure and fulfilling your fantasies dare to ask what she might like as giving your partner pleasure is something which will make it exciting for you both another tip we can provide is to ensure you experiment with your own body and listen to it practicing masturbation and trying out different postures and moves feeds your desire and encourages you both to have the best sex possible get rid of any complexes or prejudices you may have sex is not discussed enough and misinformation is often spread so it's important to know it is a fun healthy practice which helps to strengthen romantic relationships while it is true homosexual relationships continue to have many prejudices against them you can help beat them by enjoying your body to the fullest and giving in to the passion and pleasure that's all for today we hope you enjoyed learning about sex and relationships and that it helps you see you next time you.
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