Tips to Help You Battle Phone Addiction

Tips to Help You Battle Phone Addiction

There are so many bad practices with the use of mobile phones that, if we were to list them, this article would be incredibly long. However, we will try to address some of the most common bad practices. Having your phone in your hand constantly or interrupting a meal to pick a call are some of them, but there are so many more annoying practices, and they are described below:

Stop Making Calls On A Date Or Business Lunch

Not at lunchtime or when we are talking. When we had landlines (and with cable) none of this happened. The mobile technology is a great advancement, but it implies many other disadvantages. It is wrong to interrupt a person with a call, unless it is urgent. Most of these behaviors could be corrected with simple codes of conduct and etiquette.

Send A Quick Text

Ignoring a call that isn’t urgent does not mean you are a rude person. It is perfectly fine to ignore some calls at the moment. However, to compensate for that, you may send a message to the person that you will call back. A simple message like this will prevent you from interrupting the person you are speaking with.

Keep Your Phone Off The Table When You Eat

Your phone is fine in your pocket. There is no reason to take it out when you want to start eating. Just think about it: We put the phone on the table but it does not occur to us to do the same with the keys, the wallet or the coat.

Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode 

You do not have to always be available to others. You also have the right to have your own life. Activate airplane mode and feel free for a while. It is applicable to the above situations and will be an effective way to control our dependence on the device.

The current smartphones take a long time to turn off. Instead, simply switch it to the airplane mode. This way, your phone is still on, and you can use it quickly to take a picture or make an urgent call. Mind you, do not take it out unless it's really urgent!

Set A Schedule

The phone keeps you constantly conscious of customers, family and friends. However, it is beneficial to schedule when we can be contacted, to appropriately use the devices and downsize their use. Setting a few hours of phone use in which we can be contacted is essential, especially if it is concerning work. Using the Do Not Disturb function on your phone is an effective way to do this.

A little self-control is the key to all of the above, but the most complicated. Like all things in life that are practiced in excess, we must be able to detect in time and stop it.

To avoid reaching these extremes, we can make a rational use of the phone by following some of the guidelines indicated above, and many of the tips that accompany it will help you phone addiction.

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