Tips to get more engagment for your Instagram page.

Engagement in is no longer just Follows, Likes & Comments. It has become much more, like stories, IGTV, #Tags and much more.

Tip #1
Did you know that, one major factor of instagram posts ranking algorithms, is how much time users spent on post?

By writing long and attractive content, users will spend more time on your post and thus make your post more famous and will reach for more users and engagement.

Instagram limits caption to somewhere about ~2200 words. Make them count!

Tip #2
Understanding which hashtags are related to your account is very important.
By finding your related hashtags, you will drive much more people to your posts.

To achieve that, start by finding hashtags related to you, that are famous, and have plenty of users usings them. With good caption and content, the chances you'll show up to people is much higher!

Tip #3
If you are running some kind of automation service to manage your account and reach further,
make sure you are targeting the right audience. one way to achieve it, is by telling your service some of the Locations, #Hashtags, and other People who relates to your audience.

By followings, liking, DM's and Commenting, you may not get more followers, but most likely users will visit your profile to see what you are all about!

One very simple services that helps me is which is totally free and is an app on your smartphone so it is pretty safe as they say. There will be a link to their site on this post. if you can't see it, i'll share it here too:

Make sure to never abuse those services or Instagram will tag you, and may even punish your page by shadowbanning it!

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