Tips To Do When You Find a Leak in Your Tankless Water Heater

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There are many things that can happen and lead up to having your water heater leaking. Your first instinct is to find where the leak is coming from and stop it before there is major damage done. But what do you do after you have seen that your water heater is leaking, and how do you find the leak?

Determine the Source

The most important thing that you need to know is that not every puddle will mean that your water heater is leaking. In most cases it isn\\\'t the water heater that\\\'s leaking, it\\\'s the pipes, appliances or blocked drains that are flooding the place. Sometimes the puddles can happen because of the condensation especially if your water heater is in your basement. You will carefully have to examine the whole area before you move on to the next steps.

Turn Off the Power Supply

Once you have determined that your water heater is leaking, you will want to turn off your power supply to prevent you from getting electrocuted. So if you have a water heater that is eclectic, you will just need to go to your circuit breaker and turn off the breaker where your water heater is. But if you have a gas water heater, you will need to find it’s on and off switch. You should avoid shutting off your gas valve. That is because those valves are susceptible to failure so it is best if you don\\\'t touch them at all. Water and electricity are a deadly combination, it is better to turn off all the power in your home and be safe than injured.

Turn Off the Water Supply

If the leak is large and there is flooding, turn off the water supply by twisting the cold water valve. Most water heaters will have their valve located somewhere above it, the cold water valve will usually have a handle that you pull down to turn it off or it will have one that you need to turn it clockwise to close it. Do not touch and try to close the valve if you can\\\'t reach it or touch it without coming in contact with the water that is leaking because it can be boiling hot water. If there is a major leak, it is best that you shut off the main valve to all the water in your house. That valve will shut down all the water that is coming to your home as well as cut off the water supply to your water heater. By shutting off the water, the leak shows at the worst case just slows down. Depending on where the leak is coming from and how bad it is it can stop it entirely. But if you haven\\\'t found the exact sop of the leak and if you want to check if the stop is fixed, you will need to turn the water on to test it.

Decide to Repair or Replace

As you probably are fully aware, when there is a water heater leak it is a serious problem and it needs immediate attention. Depending on how bad it is you will need to determine if you need to fix your water heater or get a new one. If the problem is minor and you have experience in fixing water heaters, you can manage the repair yourself, but if there is a major issue and the water heater needs to be replaced you will need to call a professional plumber to do it for you.

Sometimes a leaking water heater can be a symptom of a much more serious problem, therefore it is very important that you keep an eye on it after performing the repairs.

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