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Tilers Darwin will fulfill your all needs to fix tiles. Ceramic tiles and natural stone have been, without exaggeration, the most popular finishing materials for many decades. No less popular is porcelain stoneware tiles - a strong and durable coating. Hundreds of manufacturers annually supply the market with thousands of new collections - for walls, floors, facades, paving. And the best of them are presented in our multi-brand store!
WHAT DO Tilers Darwin Offer?
We sell tiles. We give Tilers contractor. The main specialization of the Tilers Darwin store is the sale of products from foreign and domestic manufacturers of facing ceramics. You can buy ceramic tiles through the online store, as well as in the bright and spacious salon on the street.
Tilers Darwin, where you will find more than 2,000 ceramic collections:
  • porcelain stoneware –
  • polished,
  • matte,
  • structured,
  • semi-polished,
  • faithfully imitating raw or aged stone,
  • as well as porcelain stoneware parquet;
  • ceramic tiles - wall, floor, bathroom, pool, kitchen, etc.,
  • steps - all shapes and shades, with a matte, glossy, structured, anti-slip surface;
  • natural stone tiles - smooth and specially processed, with a unique pattern and natural shades;
  • mosaic - from ceramics, glass, stone, all colors, shades, sizes, styles, for facing any architectural elements;
  • clinker tiles - for facades, garden paths, backyards, in a wide variety of colors and geometries;
  • related products - grout for tile joints, special adhesives for working with tiles of various types.
Best collection from Tilers Darwin
We have only the best collections from the world’s best brands, current and fresh trends. The store works with both retail and wholesale customers, forming batches of any volume, from one unit of production.
The material is classified according to several parameters:
  • By composition
  • By appointment
Adhesive mixture for cement-based tiles. Differs in versatility, ease of use without the use of specialized tools, optimal for work inside and outside buildings with light and heavy tiles.
Polyurethane or epoxy tile adhesive is designed for tiling difficult surfaces subject to deformation. The mixture contains 2 components (hardener and base), which are mixed before use. The building material is characterized by excellent adhesion to most substrates, including metal ones.
Adhesive for ceramic tiles using polymer additives. It is a ready-made mastic that does not require preliminary mixing of components. Suitable for flexible and vibrating substrates.
Divide into the following application groups
  • for work inside buildings in dry rooms;
  • for aggressive environmental conditions (high humidity, sudden temperature changes);
  • frost-resistant;
Tilers Darwin with modern Variety 
The modern variety of facing materials is amazing. Ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural and artificial stone, various mosaics - the choice is great. For almost every type of surface, room, and cladding object, you can choose the best option.
In turn, the large assortment of tiles and facing stones has led to the emergence of various types of tile adhesives. With its own features and unique characteristics. And before choosing glue for specific conditions, you should figure out what kind of tile adhesives are. You can figure out the tile fixers’ costs online. But here we will be giving you the best services for Tilers Darwin.

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