Tiger Tails Overhead Powerline

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The team at Mitchell Electrical are fully equipped and qualified to install NZ tiger tails that offer temporary power line insulation. Our tiger tails are certified AS4202, Class I, voltage rated 650V and provide a clear visual warning about the overhead electrical hazard, which keeps everybody safe and protected. Having serviced the Auckland area for more than 10 years we can guarantee that no shortcuts will be taken – getting your employees/contractors home safely is our utmost priority. The tiger tails have a limited life and have to be replaced periodically if they are left in the proper place for the extended time frame. The Energy Regulatory has determined that provision of the tiger tails is the most regulated activity,

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Auckland’s preferred power line protection provider. Installing certified Tiger Tails NZ for 10+ years. Contact the team to discuss your requirements. https://mitchellelectrical.nz

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