Things to Know Before Traveling With a Rental Car

Things to Know Before Traveling With a Rental Car

Traveling with a rental car gives you that feeling of freedom to go from one place to another at your own pace, visiting places that you find interesting or simply letting yourself be carried along roads and landscapes.

Traveling with a rental car abroad is not difficult but you have to take into account some things, so as not to take a surprise and make your trip bitter. So read these tips carefully and let them guide you:

Read The Contract Well

It is important for you to read the contract of the rental car well to know what you have included. Does the contract cover third party insurance and unlimited mileage? Once you arrive at your destination you can improve your contract conditions, such as expanding to full risk insurance and risk avoidance.

Always Carry A Credit Card

The car company will request a driver's credit card, so do not forget to bring one (and if you do not have, to process it with your bank well in advance for your trip). This is so mandatory that, if you are going to pick up the rented vehicle without it, they will not allow you to take it out.

Also Carry Your Current Driving License

It is clear that to drive a rental car you have to carry your driving license with you. If you are travelling within your country of residence, you can use it without problems. If you travel to foreign countries you may have to get your international driving license.

The Minimum Driving Age

To drive a rental car you must be a minimum of 21 years old. 25 years is the standard, but if you are between 21 and 25 the companies may charge the underage driver fee. Keep this in mind when booking your trip with a rental car and calculate the final costs.

Other Extras

Other extra costs that you have to take into account are the children's seats. If you travel with your children you should follow the regulations regarding chairs and boosters for them. To rent them has an extra cost that you will have to pay. 

Likewise, there are other extras that you can request and that are paid at destination, such as: GPS (although we recommend bringing your own or use a mobile application for it, as it will be cheaper), winter wheels, additional driver, etc.

Size Of The Car

Searching for price is what we all tend to do, so booking the cheapest car is always the first option. But if you are going to be 3 or more in the car and you plan to carry large suitcases you have to reserve a car with capacity for everything. There is nothing more uncomfortable than making a trip of 100 km or more in a tight car without breathing space.

If you have read these tips carefully and have taken note of them, all you need is to decide where you are going to travel with a rental car. Everything else will be very easy, your holidays will be an unforgettable experience and you will not get any unpleasant surprises with the rental car.

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