Things Require To Accelerate The Speed Of Development And Increase The Longevity Of Your Web App

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We are living in an era where every so often new modifications are made in technology. Already functioning technologies are updated for the better. The update is a result of the growing needs and demands of users. In this tech-driven world, most of the work is shifting towards online mode.

Technology plays a crucial role in reducing the workload and making life simpler and easier. It has been a while since we have been using traditional applications and websites. Websites and applications are the best mediums to build an online reputation. But now, users have raised the bar quite high. Customers are searching for a convenient and faster tech method. This has compelled the launch of web apps. A PWA development company has been helping businesses with building web apps. The quote “necessities are the mother of invention” fits perfectly here.

Users these days have ample of options at their doorstep. The easier these days is to connect to your business, the easier it is to leave and hop on to other available options. The credit for this goes to digitalization. According to a survey, a one-second delay in page load time leads to 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and a 7% loss in conversion. A mobile application development company has a better perspective on web apps. Do you want to bear such a huge loss in a fraction of seconds? If not, then you are in the right place. For amateurs, first things first, let us start with an introduction of web apps:

What Is A Web App?

As the name suggests web apps are a hybrid of websites and applications. A web app executes features of websites as well as an application but resembles native apps. This application software can run on any browser over the internet. Are you thinking of building a web app? You can take the help of any PWA development company that has been helping businesses in building web apps.

The Features Of A Web App

A web app is embedded with lots of features. It significantly helps business channels to increase their conversion rate, page load time, as well as access. Some of the features of a web app are:

Storage-Friendly: Web apps do not consume the storage space of devices as they are not installed on hard drives through a conventional process. Just a few clicks are enough to get the app on your home screen.

Cost-Effective: Once a web app is deployed, it demands almost negligible support and maintenance. You do not need to build different apps for different OS.

Multiple Platforms: Web apps only require a compatible browser with an internet connection to run. A web app can run on any device irrespective of its operating system. A mobile application development company is well-versed with the demands and benefits of a web app.

What You Require To Accelerate The Speed Of Development And Increase The 
Longevity Of A Web App

An extra second’s delay can have a severe impact on sales as well as the impression of your business. In the online space, everything matters, from customer satisfaction, search engine ranking, conversion rate. According to Google, if your page takes more than three seconds to load, over half of the mobile users will abandon it and go elsewhere. Research also showed that 70 percent of the 90,000 websites it analyzed took almost 7 seconds for the above-the-fold content to display. You can take the help of an Android application development company to build web apps.

Page Speed: The page load speed helps users to trust your business and also gives a rich experience to visitors. The page load speed is the first impression of your business that you will be making on your potential customers. A happy and satisfied customer is the key to upscale the business. Better user experience leads to a better conversion rate. It is important to improve the visibility and discoverability of web apps to make it more scalable. You can take the help of Google tools such as ‘mobile-friendly test’ to improve page load speed. Now, are you thinking, “why mobile”? Why not desktop? Well, we have witnessed an insane jump in the number of mobile phone users in the past few years. Hence, back in 2015 mobile searches outnumbered desktop searches. Since then, Google has been ranking all websites in terms of their mobile experience. It is time to identify the requirement of page load speed and optimize a web app.

Web Page Performance: A web page comprises lots of elements. It is important to identify the exact location where you need to work to optimize your web page. Some tools like LightHouse and WebPageTest are highly efficient in helping you with optimizing web page performance. Lighthouse is an automated tool that helps to identify what is reducing the page load speed. An Android application development company has been integrating this technology into business.

Use Apt Technologies To Speed Up The Development Process: It is time to understand the importance of technology and save time as well as money. Apt frameworks, libraries, and tools significantly help to make the entire development cycle easier and faster. Meteor, a JavaScript framework, plays an important role in increasing productivity. Laravel, CakePHP, etc are great PHP frameworks to optimize productivity. Libraries such as Normalize.CSS and Semantic Grid system help developers to save time. Always pick the right tool such as Sublime Text, Aptana studio, or whatever fits your requirements.

On-Demand Loading Of Assets: On-demand or lazy loading of elements such as images helps to reduce the load on the server by loading what is needed. You can take the help of plugins such as React.lazy to do the job. Are you thinking of building a web app? You can take the help of Android app development services.

CacheCaches store static data that is frequently accessed on a web app. The data that is stored in the cache is quickly fetched whenever needed. In web apps, caches are found in lots of places.

Wrapping Up

Web app optimization can be an intricate, tedious job. Due to different technology stacks being used for building web apps, it is difficult to accelerate a web app. Though here we have given common guidelines to help you to accelerate the speed of development and increase the longevity of a web app. Android app development services providers can help you with building web apps.

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