Things "taboo" on cars when it's hot

Park the car directly in the sun up to 39 - 40 degrees Celsius, many items to put on your car are at risk of explosion, deformation, fire.
The detonation of sealed containers in the summer is quite common. Warnings about never letting things easily increase pressure in the car have been recommended by experts for a long time.

Keep the car directly in the sun up to 39 degrees Celsius, items such as fire extinguishers, lighters, soda cans are at risk of explosion. The heat in the cabin raises the pressure of the liquids causing them to explode.

In hot weather that can be up to 60 degrees Celsius or more in the car, batteries, lighters, aerosol or spray can explode, makeup melted, nail polish remover can ignite ... Other products such as pencils, chocolates or candies, lipsticks, etc. can all be degraded.

In addition to making certain objects explode, heat in a car in the sun can cause ingredients in tablets and capsules to be changed, making them ineffective or even dangerous. to the user.

According to studies, when the outdoor temperature is 35 degrees C, it only takes 20 minutes, a small car cabin (without turning on the air conditioner) can reach 50 degrees C. If the time is 40 minutes, the temperature ca-bin up to 65.5 degrees Celsius.


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