There is a church tax in Germany. You know ?

A woman sitting on a tableand there is a church tax in Germany.
Kirchensteuer — is a church tax that is imposed on the parishioners of some religious communities in Germany. Roman Catholic churches, Evangelical churches, a unitary religious society of free Protestants, and Jewish communities are among them.
The size of the tax is set at 8-9% of the amount of their income tax. For example, if a parishioner pays 10,000 euros in income tax per year, they will have to pay 800 euros to the church. Additionally, this tax can be applied to dividends and to the money made from selling property.
A taxpayer has the right to leave the church and refuse to pay the tax, for which they will need to fill out a special notice. Those who refuse to pay the tax can be excommunicated. Also, they can be blacklisted from working in some church organizations, like schools or hospitals.

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