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Elisabeth Aarup is a Danish therapist with more than 20 years of experience in the field. She has been living in six countries studying but are now located on the countryside with weekly therapy session in the Danish Capital of Copenhagen. Elisabeth is offering many different kinds of treatments and she take care of every clients with   
She is specialized in treatments regarding stress, negative thoughts of any kind, depressions and generalized anxiety.
Stress is a very broad term and often you are not able to recognize people dealing with stress because most of the stress are working in the mind. Like an iceberg you only see around 10% above water where the rest is under water.
Elisabeth does treatments on anxiety of almost any kind. Besides from generalized anxiety, which is a feeling of consistent anxiety she often treats clients dealing with social anxiety, agoraphobia, performance and panic anxiety.
Depression can hit everyone and is not an unusual phenomenon. Depression is linked with negative thought and comes in many forms. It can be low self-esteem, nervousness or loneliness.

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