The Unspoken Wonders Of Meditation

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She spins in her chair for hours in the quietest corner of the room, trying to soften her mind – stifling the noise in her head. The farmer keeps a quiet mind even as he slogs away his toil for many hours, with the cawing of crows reverberating endlessly. Very simple lifestyles are perfect examples of the meditative state. But because of distractions, we cannot ‘let go’ mentally.

This is the role of the process of meditation – helping the mind focus softly onto an object, a sound, or a task, blocking out other thoughts and distractions that may arise.

A friend of mine started meditating about ten years ago just to cure their ailment – dyslexia it was called at that time. So he had to attend a ten-day intensive course. It was themed ‘gradual awakening’. However, he said he found it to be a rude awakening.

He described the building where the course took place to be an old one, Spartan interior, with tasteless orange drapes. He decided that he could not become enlightened in a place that had such cheap drapes. Every 6 am in the morning, the grueling regimen would start and he had to meditate until 9 pm every day. Seventh hell realm was all he termed it to be.

“On the second day,” he said, “We had to record our experiences.”

“My knees hurt, my neck hurt, lots of aches with someone above me telling me not to think, not to breath.” He concluded.

He would be hungry and starving and wished all day that he could eat chips while he meditated. He had several mad thoughts and he wished to yell for attention.

Gradually, things started to improve. In the end, his express train had slowed down so he could escape its fury for some seconds. After a while, his body started to yield. It started to stretch out. The silence consumed him as he embraced it.

His master always told him not to be disengaged – instead, he should maintain his focus. “Do not drift off like a train to paradise which gets off at its first stop.” His master would always say, ‘Sit like a mountain and be steadfast. Sit majestically and be in awareness. Ignore the wind when it blows, ignore the clouds when they swirl, ignore the lions when they prowl, you have to be intimate with everything. You have to sit like a mountain.”

Now, find the best form of focus that absorbs you the best – be it a mantra, breath, sensation, or a piece of music.

Constant meditation helps one to confront a nagging mind that is the sole reason for the shift of focus. We begin to see that our perceptions are shaped by fears, hopes, and concerns.

Meditation is all about active work; the act of softening the mind and bringing the object into focus. A distraction is not condoned. When the chakras open up, many subtle changes take place in our physical bodies.

Are you always distracted by stress whenever you feel a nudge from deep inside you to connect to your spiritual body? Do you think there is a problem with the alignment to your true calling? Perhaps you want to experience more meaning in your life? Gain insight from spiritual guides? Whatever question you pose in these lines, your answer is spiritual meditation.

Meditation has many advantages. While it helps to restore mental, emotional, and physical health, it also helps to control many disorders in lifestyle and psychosomatic disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, coronary artery disease, and rheumatism. In this very stressful life, meditation is a powerful weapon or antidote that reduces acute and chronic stress. Concentration and sharpness are also well improved. The reactivity of an individual to a situation becomes reduced, which allows one to remain serene.

There shouldn’t be anything deterring you from a much more enlightened state. You should know that it is a negative thought. The good news is that meditation and spirituality are best of friends. You can be connected to a higher realm of spirituality during this meditation practice. When you’re engaged on a regular basis, you will create an opportunity for your mind to be calm and you can detach from your ego and uncover the veil which shields you from being yourself and from connecting with your highest self.

A meditation practice gives you the benefit of turning inward to your spirituality for answers, instead of looking to others. Have you ever had trouble making a decision about the right vs. wrong choice for your career, relationship, or overall happiness? Have you ever been compelled to be part of something larger than life as you know it, but you can’t put your finger on what that means, exactly?

Spirituality is beneficial as it helps to search for answers by you instead of imploring others to look for them. Have you ever made a decision about your relationship, your career, or your overall happiness, all by yourself? Have you ever been a victim of compulsion and you had no idea what it is?

When you meditate, you can improve your state of loneliness or longing. You can experience some form of interconnection with other people as with your higher self. Also, you can improve the joy you feel and be void of fear and anxiety.

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La meditación en si misma reviste tres pasos a saber.

1-. Relajación.
2-. Concentración.
3-. Samadhí.

Toda persona que quiera ahondar en este tema, la invito a seguir mis post y solicitar información que con mucho agrado le explicaré en forma detallada el modo a seguir para lograrlo.

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