The Role of Teachers in Lifelong Learning

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To be a teacher requires patience, dedication, persistence, determination, optimism and serenity, sometimes in bucket-loads.
No longer simply a vessel to pass on academic learning to their pupils, the role of teacher has evolved into one which has a profound impact on a child’s life.
With an effect which stretches way beyond the classroom, a teacher has the opportunity to shape the child’s attitudes for the future and influence their attitude to lifelong learning. Here’s the role which teachers have to play in the latter.
What exactly is lifelong learning?
Lifelong learning doesn’t mean an individual who has dedicated their years to the pursuit of countless qualifications.
Rather lifelong learning refers to the pursuit of knowledge for either academic, personal or professional reasons, and can be from a variety of sources both formal and informal.
Lifelong education is a type of lifelong learning but by no means the only approach. Life itself is a learning experience and those who have written about the notion of lifelong learning advocate learning from situations rather than simply textbooks (like papersowl rating).
In short, lifelong learning relates to a state of mind, a willingness to absorb new information whatever the source and desired outcome.
Why is lifelong learning important?
Being receptive to the notion of lifelong learning is important for a whole host of different reasons.
On a social level, being a lifelong learner will make you a more interested and rounded person. Think about it; who would you rather spend your time with? Some-one who has little to say or an individual who reads news articles, browses the net and is comfortable chatting about a whole multitude of subjects?
For the individual personally, lifelong learning provides the opportunity to enjoy richer experiences and get pleasure from different things as they get older. Not all activities which are popular with youngsters are possible or practical with age, but by keeping an open mind and developing your hobby, knowledge or skill in a different way, you could still get to enjoy it.

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