The Risk Of Taking CBD

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The frequent attribution of CBD to several medical benefits is absolutely alarming. The connoisseur of the drug insinuates that there are several medical benefits that stone-headed skeptics are missing out. However, it is perhaps delusional to believe as these connoisseurs are often stoned-headed smokers themselves. This is why there are several painful risks that believers in the drug may not take cognizance of.

So the question for debate is ‘how can such a drug with a long list of benefits ranging from stress reduction to pain relief and reduction of addiction be a painful drug as well? Is it a blessing in disguise or a disguised statement of pain? Nevertheless, your first clue is your best clue. Judging from the singular word ‘addiction’, users of this drug may begin to ask themselves if they sincerely nurture an addiction.

While several people may say ‘no’, a convenient question will be ‘when was the last time you gulped a smoking cup of coffee?’ Presently, caffeine is the most popular psychoactive drug in the world. It is so shocking how soon people forget the side effects of caffeine and the by-products. 

For each kilogram of body weight, a lethal dose of caffeine (LD50) for 50 percent of users is about 200 milligrams. This metrics exceeds what a normal individual will consume within 24 hours. Even if it rarely kills, this addictive drug is definitely dangerous.

Thereotecially, each kilogram of the body weight for the LD50 of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is approximately 70, 000 milligrams. Even though there hasn’t been a single death from the injection of THC, the consumption of the drug has resulted in the recurrence of stoned monkeys. For this reason, the laboratory tests have never shown the ability of the drug to result in the death of a mammal.

You may be at risk of the widely acclaimed ‘ a caffeine headache’ from consuming huge dosage of coffee. Even if this sounds malleable compared to the risk of death, the harrowing headache is an experience that is better imagined than experienced.

In the first phase of vaping CBD, the user may nurture an exhibit an impressive consistency towards the usage simply due to:

  •    The new form of cannabis culture.

  •    The clarity of its effect because of the therapeutic aspects of cannabis

Interestingly, one of the effects is the constant reduction in the symptoms of withdrawal. This means that as long as the user keeps taking the CBD, the withdrawal symptom will diminish and eventually disappear.

After using CBD for a few days, normal smokers are likely to go back to their smoking schedule. In fact, they may fail to notice that they have no inclination towards a cup of coffee in as little as three days. As soon as the effect of CBD wears off, the caffeine headache will kick in promptly. It is similar to the after-feelings of settling for the worst alcoholic drink. The perfect word for the feeling is ‘hellish’. Therefore, this should sound like a subtle reminder for those who want to indulge in CBD for the health benefits. The risks of CBD are glaring; you cannot eat your cake and have it.

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Well, CBD always be a very dangrous thing and that's why I avoid this always. But, nowadays I am prefering to use weed vaporizer which is a portable vaporizer to utilize cannabis, this vaporizer doesn't burn the weed, it's baking the weed at a certain temperature to produce clear vapor.
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