The ‘Patient Recruitment and Retention Services, 2019-2030

Key Inclusions
A detailed assessment of the current market landscape, including information on drug developer(s),
A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of companies offering patient recruitment and retention services, including information on over 10 types of patient outreach methods employed, types of services offered ([A] patient recruitment (including pre-screening and Institutional Review Board (IRB) / Ethics Committee (EC) submission), [B] patient retention (considering various strategies, such as the use of study-branded gifts, study-branded reminders, providing education and support materials, reimbursement programs, transportation programs, patient engagement web site, patient reconnect programs, mobile applications to track patient engagement and others) and [C] other associated services (including site identification and selection, study feasibility / protocol development, project management, clinical trial monitoring and other services), year of establishment, geographical location, and size of company. The chapter also covers an analysis of the geographical reach and therapeutic expertise of service providers, along with details on the payment model, patient recruitment platforms / technologies used, and the various certifications / accreditations awarded by regulatory bodies.
An analysis of the most active regions (in terms of patient recruitment activity), based on the locations of headquarters of companies engaged in this domain, featuring schematic world map representations that highlight key hubs across the globe.
An insightful 2X2 representation of the results of a competitiveness analysis of various service providers (segregated into three peer groups based on their employee count (small-sized (1-50 employees), mid-sized (50-200 employees) and large (>200 employees)), highlighting capable players in this domain, based on their respective capabilities.
Comprehensive profiles of patient recruitment and retention service providers, featuring information on the location of their headquarters, year of establishment, patient recruitment services / platforms portfolio, recent developments and a comprehensive future outlook.
An analysis of the partnerships that have been established in the recent past, covering outsourcing agreements, service alliances, acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers, technology licensing and development agreements, and other forms of partnerships.
A review of emerging trends in the industry, including the use of social media, mobile technologies, EHRs and RWE, to overcome the challenges associated with patient recruitment and retention.
The report also features the likely distribution of the current and forecasted opportunity across important market segments, mentioned below:
Therapeutic Area
Infectious Diseases
Cardiovascular Diseases
CNS Disorders
Respiratory Disorders
Metabolic Disorders
Steps in Patient Recruitment Process
Phase of Development
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Key Geographical Region
North America
Rest of the world
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