the many ways we can pursuit perfection by THE HOW

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When you are on the rood to perfection, you should be able to identify exactly what are the aspects of perfection. 

Mentally: we always want to be more mentally sharp, be able to remember everything and more people. Have more focus, awareness to ourselves and our surroundings. There are many ways we can go about doing that, which i may post in detail in the future.

Physically: be strong, be faster, have more stamina, be more active, be a better fighter so you can defend your family and loved ones at need.

Look: you may say it's only genetics, certainly  unless you think   you look your best, there is a way you can look better.

Financially: you don't want to be the wise, good looking, fit homeless person. There are ways to be rich, i have read many books on this subject and the can all be summarized to few steps. You need to learn how and when  to spend, save and invest.

Soul: religious or atheist, soul just mean the collective attitudes, beliefs, and things that make you more satisfied. Are you in need to feel better, no doubt as a materialistic society we have much to work on on our souls.

I may post  detailed info about each one of those

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