The importance of having a good logo

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The logo is the first symbol or graphic element that potential customers or consumers relate to a company or product. It gives them a first impression, and it certainly should be a good one. The goal of the logo is to connect people to the brand. There are no rules to create a good logo, it is considered rather an art and it all depends on the creativity and the power of expression of the designer.

However, many are the designers who have dared to give advice and compile a series of basic principles to get the perfect logo.

1. It must be versatile

You have to take into account that your logo will not only appear printed on paper. Currently, it will be used in all types of media such as Web pages, business cards, high-resolution photographs or even on T-shirts. Hence, it should not be too complex. A good example of versatility is the Nike logo.

2. It should be easy to remember and understand

Using the right colours and shape will make your design easy to remember. Colours can express a multitude of feelings and a perfect colour combination will give meaning to the logo. On the other hand, the shape of the logo is also important, since if it is very difficult to draw it will be difficult to remember or even understand some people.

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3. You must answer the questions why, who? and that?

The logo itself does not need to answer questions, for example, a sofa store logo does not have to be a sofa. However, three questions should be asked and resolved before designing the logo: why do you need it? Who is it for? and what is its purpose? It is very important to keep this in mind and offer all the information to the designer if necessary.

4. It must be perpetuated

A good logo is one that does not go out of style over time. Although the fashions change, it is a serious mistake to change your logo every year, since consumers will not associate the brand with the new logo. There are a few examples of logos that have remained as designed years ago, one of them being the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) logo, designed by Paul Rand in 1962.

5. Must be able to display in black and white

That your logo complies with this rule will be a good sign, since it will mean that it is not complex. A good logo does not need shadows or special effects. Some examples may be the logos of Nike, Coca Cola or LG.

6. It must impress and seduce

The originality of a company begins with its logo, hence a good logo is a very important aspect to differentiate itself from the competition. The logo of a company must be the answer to the question: why am I better than the rest? If your logo stands out and impresses you will earn respect and trust towards your brand.

7. It should be simple

In short, you could say that simplicity is the golden rule for logo design. In many cases, simple things explain and contain the message better than complicated things. There are many examples of famous logos with great simplicity, for example, those of WWF, Adidas or IBM.

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