The Importance of an Effective Corporate Housing Rental Application

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In a past article (Corporate Housing Rental Documents 101: The Rental Application), we described your rental application as a key step in ensuring a tenant is viable. It is a form of qualification that ensures a landlord has all of the information needed to know if a potential renter of their corporate housing property poses any risks.

What a Corporate Housing Application Covers

You know that your application is always going to include the basics (name, employer details, Social Security/driver’s license number, and so on). Yet, it is also the right time to ask a potential renter of your furnished apartment or corporate housing about more serious matters.

For example, do they have problems in their credit history? Are they authentically employed by the company or corporation they claim? Do they have an arrest record? Will the rent be paid without any delays? It is entirely legal to find out such details, and a lease is the perfect vehicle for doing so.

Renting Your Furnished Apartment Starts with the Application

Keep in mind that the application has to be signed to ensure you can use a Social Security number to run a background check. Additionally, you will earn many points with those interested in your furnished apartment by fully disclosing the different costs associated with the application.

For example, is it acceptable to pass on the background check fee to someone applying for your corporate housing? Yes, as long as there is no markup on the fee and you include it in a list of fees associated with the application.

You can also think of the application process for your furnished apartment as a way of demonstrating what your clients can expect. For example, if you make your application an online experience, accept credit cards and use electronic documents, you convey your innovation, responsiveness and dedication to prompt service.

“CHBO will be launching a new rental application feature that you can push to potential tenants. This feature will be available this spring,” says company CEO, Jeremy Blackburn.

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