The Green Geshia


This a Mixed media piece of mine. Originally it was a simple sketch then I had the artist Stitch and felt of course it was in no way finished. Which resulted in layering ink and watercolor on. Later I decided 2 take some photos to be used for prints.  And even still it resulted in to becoming a piece of digital art after going back in with illustrator just to change literally the whole dynamic.

It's funny how the artists brain can litterally start at point A,  go on auto pilot and come back to reality, covered in a rainbow of unknown, yet very aesthetically pleasing substances and some how managed to built a barn painted like the magic school bus which has since become the home of the zebra you have adopted and dubbed Stefano.

 Yes that is point B.

 Point B is Stefano the zebra and you have no earthly idea how you got there. 

But you know what, it's all good, because it always ends up freaking amazing.

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