The future of on-demand grocery delivery app business

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People are used to the concept of on-demand grocery delivery apps as it revolutionized the market in just a few years. We live in a future that offers comfort and door-to-door delivery of products. People never predicted that an app like Instacart would cause such a major disruption in the market ten years ago. But, after all the optimizations and enhancements of services, where will this go? What is the future of on-demand grocery delivery apps?

    Some would argue that plastic-less deliveries are the future. Although several measures have been taken by governments of various countries to curb the usage of plastics, people still use it. There are traces of plastics in packaging, and it is not something that is to be encouraged owing to its quantity. The plastics used in packaging are passed through several tests and ticks all the boxes to ensure safety. In the 65 years journey of plastic on Earth, people have used more than 8.3 billion tons and it takes over 1000 years to decay. 

Surveys indicate that over 90% of Albatross around the world have traces of plastic in their stomach. It is estimated that by 2048, there will be more plastic in our oceans compared to fishes. Being an entrepreneur, building your business should be your focus, but with a few steps, you can contribute to a better tomorrow. 

The future of the automobile industry will be dominated by self-driving cars in a few years. It will be a significant step forward if these cars are put to deliver groceries. Customers can easily interact with these cars as the platform entirely runs on artificial intelligence. Non-tech businesses like grocery stores can get their own fleet of self-driving vehicles to deliver groceries. Traffic can be easily regulated with self-driving cars, and the rate of deliveries per day can also be improved as there is no manual work of drivers.

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