The Future of Defi - Decentralized Finance

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The Defi is ultimately designed to be the alternative for traditional financial systems we are used to be.The phrases we often hear when it comes to defi are Financial libration, Decentralization, Defi tokens, Defi Protocols, etc, Actually, defi is the blanket term to represent any kind of financial activities on the smart contract.

DeFi - The “Money Legos”

Defi is popularly referred to as Lego money. In the lego game, Children build toys or buildings with the set of small blocks on their own creativity likewise, defi projects are built in a way to be connected in some other projects Thus, interoperability is the primary concern.

We have a spontaneous eagerness about future, lets have a look at Future of Defi

Increase in Defi Tokens

As of now, there are more than 100 Defi Tokens in existence. Popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Binance, Okex, Huobi have already listed Defi tokens on their exchanges, in the future, we will definitely expect many new defi tokens and the many Cryptocurrency exchanges will list out the tokens for sure

Crypto Lending would become Super simple

The most popular application of Defi is Crypto Lending, In the future, defi would bring the secured ecosystem for super-simple asset-based crypto lending that would be faster and simpler than the existing one.

Defi in Banking

Banking sectors would also include Defi now many countries are in the way to launch Central bank Digital Currencies to get involved in the digital revolution. There will be actually no wonder if banks adopt decentralized finance.

Explore more predictions here: The Future of Defi

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