The Facts on Teeth Whitening Trays

If you're looking for a convenient solution to stained teeth, teeth whitening trays are one of the best options, available in many forms. Peroxide is used in a bleaching agent added to trays made to fit snugly over your teeth for a fixed time. There are custom made teeth whitening trays and ones that are available over the counter.

There are many variations and brands of teeth whitener trays to choose from that are available over the counter. Different bleaching agents and procedures are available with over the counter teeth whitening trays and are one of the cheapest ways to attain whiter teeth compared to more costly whitening methods used by dentists. Some over the counter teeth whitener kits even have trays that can be molded to better fit your teeth, though custom made teeth whitening trays will always provide a better fit.

If you are on a tight schedule and can't make a trip to the pharmacy or dentist for trays that whiten your teeth, you can also order them by mail. Both over the counter variations and custom made teeth whitening trays are available online and by mail order as a convenient option. If you want to order custom teeth whitening trays on the internet, you are usually instructed to create a mold of your teeth using an agent sent by the whitening company. Once you have created a form of your teeth and have returned it, a tray will be created based on that form for a completely custom fit.

Trays that whiten your teeth found over the counter and online are an increasingly popular means of effective teeth whitener; however dentists insist the tooth whitening tray customized in clinics by medical professionals are the best and safest route. Some of the advantages supporting this claim are described below.

A popular issue with teeth whitener kits requiring you to create your own mold is having a hard time making the tray mold on your own. In this case, zähne bleichen erfahrung the end results of your teeth whitening efforts rely largely upon your ability to produce the most precise mold of your teeth without the assistance of an expert.

Custom made teeth trays are best off being handled by your dentist as he will endure the best fitting mold possible. An accurate fit not only provides comfort, it also ensures maximum protection against spilling which can be harmful to your teeth. Poorly fitting trays can also leave your teeth unevenly whitened and blotchy which is unfavorable to say the very least.

One great feature that is exclusive to your dentist's method of applying the best teeth whitener trays is receiving an oral examination prior to deciding on the specifics of the whitening solution. Your dentist can determine the best teeth whiteners for you and will advise exactly how much you should be using and how often in order to achieve the desired results. There is no other method that is more specifically personalized to each client as this one.

Misusing or, worse, overusing teeth whitening trays is unfortunately too common which is why it's best to consult your dentist regarding teeth whitening trays instead. This will ensure the best protection against the potential gum and teeth damage that can result from using teeth whitening kits improperly. Your dentist will also better tend to side effects and can adjust the treatment if it's not working.

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