The Epson printer does not print after changing the ink

Have you replaced the ink cartridge in your Epson printer with a new one? But unexpectedly, your printer has stopped printing with an invalid error? So don't think too much about it as you are not alone faced with this dilemma as millions of consumers face this problem after changing ink. There can be many reasons why this problem does not print to your Epson printer and you should fix this problem as soon as possible to return to the completion of the print job. On this page you can very easily learn about the themes and solutions to the dilemma of not printing this Epson printer after changing the ink.

What does my Epson printer fail to print after I shift the ink?

In the event that the Epson printer does not print after replacing the ink cartridge, it can cause due to many motives, the number of them is below:

As a result of incorrect position of the lever.
Obsolete printer processor.
Printer offline problems.
Other hardware problems.
Defective or outdated printer driver.
Ink is low.
Either of the reasons could cause your Epson printer not to print after changing the ink and there may be others. After evaluating these triggers, you are able to fix printer problems quite easily, and there are many solutions to fix this problem that you can apply with a really simple and efficient method.

How to fix an Epson printer not printing after moving the ink cartridge?

If you are having trouble printing from your Epson printer after changing a brand new cartridge in your printer then don't worry as there are many ways to fix this problem.

Strategy 1 Evaluate That Protective Tape

Make sure you remove the protective tape from the cartridge, because if there is protective tape on the cartridge nozzles, the printer does not print. Also make sure any other stickers have been removed from the printer.

Sometimes faulty or outdated printer drivers can also cause a lot of technical trouble, and if you have the wrong printer drivers, you can update the driver to the latest version which can fix the no printing problem in a really easy way.

Resetting your Epson printer can solve a lot of problems, but you can also fix no printing issue after changing ink, which can be corrected when the printer is loaded in a really quick and effective way for various problems.

Clean strategy Printer heads

A printer that has dirty heads can lead to a lot of problems, and if you have this case, make sure your printer's mind is in a clean place.

Click Hardware and Sound Selection.
Click the Devices and Printers section.
Click your Epson printer and select Printing Flavors.
Then click Head Cleaning and wait a few moments before cleaning the print head.
You can quite easily solve the Epson printer not printing properly problem after replacing the ink cartridge after following the above steps. However, if you still encounter this error with your Epson printer or have some additional problem, you can fix the problem with Epson Printer Customer Support.

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I had a similar problem with my Brother printer. I bought fake cartridges in the Chinese market, so they made my printer work wrong. Then I ordered new ones at Thanks to that online store for consulting me and helping to solve the issue. They recommended me to buy only original ink. Otherwise, they can destroy the processes.
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