The difference between karate and taekwondo

The difference between karate and taekwondo
1. Karate is often used both hands and feet in confrontation competitions, and most of them are steady and solid. The ultra-vacuum karate, which focuses on actual combat, pays more attention to the fist and the flesh, and rarely has air legs or exaggerated turning movements. For Taekwondo, for example, WTF Taekwondo will use more legs in the confrontation competition, less boxing, more air legs or even turning legs, the action is chic and sharp.

2. Karate pays attention to inheritance, that is, students in the formal dojo can be traced back to the founders of their own genre, and because of this karate has stricter requirements for the inheritance of technology, in order to retain the characteristics and style of the genre, plus the entry of karate The Chinese market is also later than Taekwondo, so the number and recognition of the dojo is limited.

3. The karate suit is in the form of "cardigan". The left side of the placket presses on the right side of the placket and is fastened by a belt. The robes are generally pure white, and the name of the dojo organization is embroidered on the left chest, and the hem of some robes is embroidered with the name of the practitioner, depending on the situation of each dojo.

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