The Covid-19 Crisis Is Not the Only Virus We Must Fight

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While the COVID-19 crisis sounds like an excellent excuse not to go to the gym, again, it's not all about lack of sunshine and not everything is rosy inside. If we want to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community from the virus, we must stay inside as much as possible. But, that can create some problems on its own.

At home, we can be safe from the flu and other unpleasant airborne microorganisms, but we can still get infected online without services like In these times when we'll be using the Internet more, and perhaps even exploring something new, there will be more online scammers and hackers to watch out for.

In addition, terrorists will try to use the pandemic to try to reach our pockets. This can range from simple merchant tricks to "skeptics" who will tell you exactly what is going on, as long as you share some of your private information with them.

And, by keeping your body and mind active, you can even come out of this pandemic in a better state than you went in.

Idle Minds are the Devil's Playground

The average travel time in the United States is approximately 26 minutes in one direction, averaging one hour in both directions. But, the extra time you will get while working from home is much more than that hour.

Getting ready for work, shaving, ironing clothes, eating breakfast, it all adds up, and now it will be included in billable hours, since you can eat that cereal while the computer boots up all the systems.

In the end, you'll get about three extra hours every day, as well as a little more energy, since you're not spending so much. And that gets you sailing.

Those who are familiar with all that the Internet has to offer will tell you that there are the shallow, bright waters of YouTube and social networking; and then there are the deep, dark waters where unindexed Google articles will mention it.

While surfing on the dark side of the internet can be fun, you should also be careful. Lies, scams, tricks and all kinds of malware are rife on this site, and it's easy to get into a lot of trouble if you're not prepared.

Friends in Quarantine

If you live with your family, your COVID-19 crisis partners have already been chosen. These are the people you'll be spending the next few weeks with, seeing a lot more of.

For those of you with children, you'll quickly understand why teachers say you're underpaid. It's not easy to get them to pay attention, let alone teach them something rudimentary.

Those bound to holy matrimony will quickly prove their love and affection. But, that progressively stronger chewing of food sitting next to you will be your lifeline, believe it or not.

Having someone to watch movies and programs, as well as to discuss whether something you've found online is true, is the best way to stay connected and not make too many security mistakes on the Internet.

The COVID-19 Crisis is a Hotbed for Scammers

Before you start surfing, activate a VPN on all your devices, disable your location and activate your anti-virus program. This will be the cornerstone of your cybersecurity when you are online for a long time.

Since you'll be up against hackers and data thieves, none of your private information should be visible to the other side. These are now some of the most common internet scams perpetrated.

Staying prepared will also protect your business, as you will be able to connect to a closed intranet server from a secure location. Most technology giants like Microsoft and Google already require their employees to do so.

Just Work, No Play

Once your devices are protected and your work is done for the day, take your friend into quarantine and have fun. A mental trap of working from home is to think you must work whenever you have nothing better to do.

You can watch movies, read books or listen to music. It can even be a great opportunity to learn something new, especially with your partner.

Staying in Shape

And here you thought you were off the hook. No, you still need to stay physically active even during a pandemic. There are several exercises you can do at home and you should do them often.
Use background music

As long as you have good home WiFi security, you can use a speaker and play background music.

Join thousands of modern students and freelancers with the new trend of "LoFi Beats to Relax/Study to". And once you find that, YouTube will open up a whole new world of ambient sounds that will take you all over the world.

Watch Some New Movies and Programs

There are so many programs online that it is impossible to watch most of those from 2020 in the coming weeks of quarantine.

Now, everyone has their preference, but this might be a good time to get out of your comfort zone and see something different. From fantasy and action, to drama and romance, the last few years have been full of movie gems.

With the current Covid-19 crisis, the best thing you can do is stay home. That's the only way to get the virus through and give the scientist some time to develop a vaccine. But in the meantime, we must remain safe, healthy and sane.

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