The complete layout of the features that Seamless clone offers

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Seamless clone allows users to order food and have them delivered to their place. People prefer these online platforms amidst the Coronavirus outbreak as it involves minimal contact, and they believe these reputed delivery companies take the necessary precautionary steps while delivering food. Apart from that, features are essential factors that attract users. Online food ordering script has separate apps for admin, restaurants, users, and delivery agents.

Admin app

  • Dashboard: It gives the general layout of the apps like the number of restaurants connected, orders processed, etc.

  • Manage menu & other content: Admin can either post, remove, and modify content as per their convenience. They can manage the menu and general outlook of the application.

  • Manage FAQ: FAQ is a common query that users have. The admin takes a survey of the questions users' have and answer it under this session called Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

  • Statistics and analytics: It is a graphical representation of the profits. Upon selecting the graph can be viewed month, week, and day wise. Artificial Intelligence is deployed in the app, so this facilitates the suggestions to improve.

  • Advertisement: Admin can pose promotional content like advertisements on the application.

  • Earnings Module: It shows the earnings of the admin. They get a nominal fee per transaction, and it gets listed here.

  • View reviews and ratings: It shows the feedback posted by the users. By this, admin can resolve their issues users face and improve their service quality.

Restaurant owners app

  • Restaurant Owners login: It shows the login credentials of the owner.

  • Manage orders: Once the restaurant receives an order, they can view the details of the order.

  • Change order status: Once the order gets processed, the restaurant owner can change the status like being processed, packaging, sent for delivery, etc.

  • Decide the delivery time slot: Depending on the preparation time, the restaurant sends the estimated time of food delivery, giving an estimate. On the other hand, the admin can calculate the delivery time, along with the preparation time, and provided the delivery time slot for the users.

Users app:

  • User Profile: Users can manage their details, which they can edit. Also, their saved locations and labeled food items are listed here.

  • Add to cart: Users can modify the virtual cart and directly check out from it.

  • Real-time tracking: It facilitates locating the delivery agents.

  • Multiple Payment options: It allows users to pay using several options like credit/debit cards, digital wallets like PayTM, etc.

  • Multiple language support: Users can select their preferred language, and the entire content of the app will be changed in that language.

Delivery Staff app:

  • Track location: The delivery agent can locate the user's place using the track location feature.

  • Availability Status: They can change the status according to their convenience, like available or unavailable.

  • Earnings module: It shows the earnings of the delivery agent.

Seamless like food delivery app understands the requirements of the users and has incorporated these features into the app development process.


The Seamless clone app connects users with restaurants. Using these apps, they can compare the menu and prices of various restaurants and order from it. They also offer discounts and coupons for the users at regular intervals, so people are opting for this. Business owners can get a fully functional clone app from Appdupe. Clients can customize the app according to their needs. Visit our website to learn more.

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