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Did you know that clothing was introduced to humans after the last ice age happened? They covered themselves with animal skins and vegetation to be protected from cold, heat and rain. And mainly when they used to migrate to new climates. The evolution of clothing tells us about the traces of development, use, and availability of textiles over human history. Somehow it also helps us to identify the availability of materials and technologies at different times and civilizations. Along with that, it also shows the social customs and culture.

As we are talking about different civilizations and cultures, There is one specific community that we would like people to know more about. Their evolvement of traditional clothing to becoming into a famous nasnama clothing brand is expanding from time to time. That one community is the Kurdish community. It may be impossible to brush over the complete history of Kurds in this article, but we can point out some significant points from the history of Kurdish Clothing. Let us dig into it and know about the various aspects of Kurdish clothing presented by the Nasnama. 

Who are the Kurds? 

By looking at this, you might have started thinking about some more questions. Such as the origin of Kurds or who they are and from where did they come from? One by one, we will focus and learn about all the elements of the Kurds. According to the research by historians, the Kurds belongs to the Iranian branch of an extensive family. This Iranian community has also adapted the mountainous areas to the south of Lake Van and Lake Urmia historically. And this geographical area is also known as Kurdistan. They also have a separate dialect from Central Iran. There are both Iranian-speaking and non-Iranian people if we combine all the community. 

Moving on the Kurds are proud of their distinctive cultural traits which were introduced by the ancient peoples who shaped modern Kurds as well. From a rich folkloric tradition to eating their cuisines such as Dolma (rice stuffed in grape leaves) and kofta (spiced minced meat cased in a thin layer of mashed pudding rice). In similar to this, Kurdish clothing is also a fundamental part of the Kurdish Heritage. Let us know about the heritage of Kurdish Clothing from the information given below. 

Kurdish Clothing Explained by Nasnama Clothing Brand - 

The Kurdish community is vibrant when it comes to the aspect of clothing. They represent a different type of clothing along with the accessories. Such as - 

  • Kolwana

  • Klash

  • Star Xani

  • Kattafi

  • Kawa u Salta

  • Shalvar

  • Pishten

  • Puzawana

One can identify this clothing as a part of the daily wear of the Kurdish community. It is not at all mandatory to wear it specifically on a holiday or religious festival. Along with this the pair up the outfit with leather boots or sandals sometimes. At this moment there might be a bit change in wearing the Kurdish clothing by men. But women, on the other hand, still make sure to wear it daily. The traditional clothing that is wearable daily is quite subtle in color, eliminating any kind of heavy work on it. And now, the conventional heavy embroidered Kurdish dress is worn on some exceptional occasions only.

The measurements and styles of men and women are highly different. Women dresses are worn with the long-sleeved jacket or long overcoat worn over a gown. Further, the outfit was complimented with a underdress and puffy pants worn beneath the gown which gets secured with a belt. And if we talk about the accessories, then we have a lot of options as well. For example, hats valued colored stones, beads, and gold pieces. But by the time it has started becoming unpopular. Women have begun accessorizing with gold jewelry nowadays.

The Modernisation of Kurdish Clothing -

It is a known fact that evolving clothing will never stop. An individual can hold the quality of that clothing the way it was in ancient times. Similarly, the nasnama clothing brand introduces its updated version of the dress and takes care of the Kurdish clothing in their mind. There are many such different styles and uses of Kurdish Clothing and have been on showcase to both national and international audiences. And this clothing brand keeps in their mind the ideology of Identity by making up with culture and tradition.

Classified - Are you looking for the various styles of clothing inspired by the Kurdish community? Do not look out anymore as a nasnama clothing brand provides you with a variety of range and information regarding the Kurdish community. To know more, check out the blog Kurdish Clothing - By Nasnama Clothing Brand.

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