The Best Marijuana Vape Pen for Vaping Marjuana Vape Oil in the UK!

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Whilst CBD is both extracted from hemp and marjuana plants - in the UK, most CBD products are derived from hemp plants as they contain less than 0.3% THC and so comply with UK regulation. As such, when someone is referring to a “marijuana” vape pen, they most likely are referring to a vape pen that can be used for vaping high concentration hemp extracts. Similarly, when someone is referring to “marijuana” vape oil  in the UK, they will mean marijuana-flavoured vape oils which should have all been derived from hemp extract. “Marijuana” vape oils since they are more pure (not diluted in a carrier agent) tend to be stronger than e liquids, usually 55%-65%  and (as the name suggests) are thicker in consistency. This means they require a specific “marijuana” vape pen that is powerful enough to heat up the more viscous oil.  

Paso CBD sells my favourite “marijuana” vape pen that can actually be used to vape both thicker, higher concentration CBD vape oils and thinner, less potent CBD e liquids with it’s variable voltage and pre-heat functionality. They also sell a range of marijuana-flavoured vape oils and CBD e liquids infused with natural terpenes from classic cannabis strains for an authentic vaping experience. 

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