Tango Dance -Alluring and Beautiful Style of Dance

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Tango is a native dance of Argentina. This dance is famous for its seductive and beautiful style. The graceful thing about this type of dance is it has attracted a lot of people. The stunning traits that work in this type of dance performance make the dance more interesting.

Tango videos and tango shows have become much more popular because the dance performance focuses on the philosophy of feelings such as joy, sorrow, hatred, and love. This kind of music is a way of expressing happiness and frustration in daily life, which has made this music a universal expression, so people can connect between themselves in these kinds of shows.

Tango Shows in Buenos Aires

There are two types of best Tango shows in Buenos Aires.

Bar Sur in San Telmo– Those, who want to feel the Tango of the '90s, can enjoy this kind of performance while eating and drinking at the small bar.

Another type of tango show can be visited at Cafe Tortoni on Avenida de Mayo. You need to know about the reservations and specific start times to watch the show.The tango intriguing story begins which is completed by a singing narrator.

Tango Dance Hall or Milongas

Everyone has the right to enter the Tango Dance Hall or Milongas from where the Tango Dance can be witnessed. Milongas is open from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. and does not end before 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. These types of Milongas are well decorated and attract people. The floors of these halls are decorated with marble or hardwoods and are surrounded by chandelier lighting, and gilded ceilings. Tango dance is popular all over the world today, but Buenos Aires is still the best place where people flock to see Tango dance performances on stage.

El Querandi- A Place of see Magnificent Tango Show

El Querandi in Telmo District now beautifully presents the Magnificent Tango Show. Tango can be enjoyed with a sip of wine if you enjoy such entertainment. This kind of tango music will bring back the nostalgia of the 1860s. Here instruments like violin and piano are used to make the tango performance more dramatic.

On Friday nights, at the Humble Club La Independencia in San Telmo and La Catedral, Soho Tango, the cities’ hot young dancers can be seen on the floor.performing everything from Old Jazz Classy to Contemporary New Tango. Ultra Tango Group also shows their performances every day. For such special alternative tango events, keep an eye on the Bi Tingual website and the Bi Monthly Time Out Buenos Aires magazine.

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