Takhte Jamshid

A close up of a stone building
After some days of vising Shiraz and enjoying the aroma of orange blossoms in its streets, the nights of its buildings, and the cool of its Faloodeh, now let us get out of the Shiraz a little bit and go out of town; near Marvdasht, we get to one of the most controversial historical places in the world; Takhte Jamshid.
Takhte Jamshid | ShirazTakhte Jamshid | ShirazBefore we embark upon on historical journey, it’s better to say a few words about this historical attraction. Takhte Jamshid is the name of one Irna’s ancient cities, and it is located in the city of Marvdasht in the Fars province. Darius, the Achaemenid king founded Takhte Jamshid. This ancient city is known for its high pillars and beautiful and spectacular heads of those pillars. There is a palace with the same name in the city of Takhte Jamshid, which used to be the place where people brought gifts for the king and authorities on the first day of Nowruz.

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